Not going to take crime anymore

August 20, 2013 

After experiencing increasing crime at an alarming rate in our area, my neighbors and I decided to do something about it. It is easy to complain about crime; however, it is a much different matter to create a plan of action and go about enforcing it.

My neighbors and I decided on the later and organized a new neighborhood association, and our efforts are paying off. We are taking back our neighborhood, one street at a time. Thugs, thieves, drug dealers, beware! We are not going to take it anymore. We are organized and strong in our efforts.

And a word to the slumlords who rent to lowlife dirt bags: If you think these folks that you are moving in are so great, why don't you move them in next door to you? We will keep our neighborhood safe and strong, with the help of the Belleville Police Department and City Hall.

Our philosophy is this: Tenants who can behave themselves are welcome in our neighborhood; if they can't, they need to go live elsewhere.

We have had enough of the crime, and we are taking back our neighborhoods. If people are experiencing crime in their neighborhood, I encourage them to start their own neighborhood association. It does make a difference and they will see it.

Be vocal, be vigilant, and watch out for each other. Together we can take back our city from the clutches of crime, and feel safe once again.

Sindy L. Kubitschek


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