Put America first

August 21, 2013 

Letter writer Irene Allred, in her "Worth in conservatives' values?," included the issues of incarceration of criminals and illegal immigration. She said about conservatives: "Locking away people of color in for-profit prisons and keeping people from south of the border who do our most undesirable work from becoming citizens looks like prejudices and lack of compassion."

Violating our immigration laws is a crime and American citizens have due process of law. She fails to mention that half of our states use private prisons, including liberal states such as Hawaii, New Jersey, Connecticut, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and California.

With illegal immigration, as far back as the '60s, Cesar Chavez opposed it, arguing it undermined his efforts to unionize farm workers and improve working conditions and wages for American citizen workers.

As part of the liberal's "Great Society," in 1965, the Hart-Cellar Act dramatically changed our immigration policy. We had a policy, with quotas, which encouraged those who had job skills and a education to immigrate, essentially favoring western Europeans. Heritage was celebrated but these immigrants' allegiance was to America and they assimilated into American society.

Liberal compassion created open immigration, allowing immigrants with limited education and job skills. Liberals talk about the middle class and our poor, with the influx of illegal immigrants from "south of the border," you can "anticipar mas de esto" assimilation while creating an economic burden on the aforementioned Americans.

If America first is prejudice, I'm guilty.

Russell C. Fette


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