Lemmings follow along

August 21, 2013 

After sitting, listening, talking and asking questions of some voters -- legitimate voters, like taxpaying voters, rather than paid voters, or deceased voters -- I am beginning to get the feeling people may just be getting fed up with all the bad stuff that is being put out by the biased media. Which is supposedly the official stance from the horse's mouth -- oops, did I say mouth?

The media definitely has a Ph.D. in their communications qualifications and the ability to misinform the paid voters, or the dependents or the administration, or as some might say taxpayer dependents. The liberal media should step forward and take a bow, as they deserve to be awarded "The leading lemmings award." The most coveted and prestigious award in the BS (bad stuff) category.

You might think that by leading their followers over the edge, they would lose their followers. But remember, the deceased never die, they just multiply.

Lew Hiatt


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