Free phone program isn't bad; abuse of it is

August 22, 2013 

I picked up a paper after working all day (work, something that I have done for over 22 years and never in a comfy office chair) and I read Hal Inabinet's letter about how "disgusting" and "absurd" the government phone program is.

I have three kids that my paycheck has to provide for. I am married, but because of health issues, my husband can't work. He was denied Social Security because we waited too long to apply. We thought he would heal and go back to work. We don't want to be on government assistance, but we need it.

He was hospitalized for a week. I still had to go to work or rent would not have gotten paid. Our oldest is 12, too old for day care (which is not an option financially anyway) but too young to be in charge of her siblings without a phone. My "disgusting" government phone gave me the peace of mind to not worry about them. And now that he is home, it is only used for necessary conversations.

Yes, some people abuse the help that others rely on for health and safety. But that doesn't mean the program is "absurd" or "disgusting," just the abusers of the program are.

I feel a little better after writing this, but I can't dwell on it much longer. I have to change my husband's bandages, make dinner, and be up by 7 a.m. to get him to his doctor's appointment before working my 10-hour shift.

Dianne McBride

Red Bud

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