Focus on closing income gap

August 22, 2013 

The income gap between rich and poor is growing; even the middle class is approaching poverty thanks to the ever increasing (as well as new) taxes (not just income taxes) at various levels of government, economy, jobs, etc. It's immaterial who or what caused this situation, how many mistakes were made by which politicians regardless of party. What is germane is that the current administration learns from the mistakes of the past (including the ACA - Obamacare), takes ownership of this as well as all other problems and works together to resolve all issues. It is past time to act for us as we citizens need.

No more blame games; no more pointing fingers. Those who continue to do so are a part of the problem, not a part of any solution. Stop looking backwards and start looking forwards. Where do we really want to take this country (our future) and how do we get there from here (our current situation)? If our current administration and their supporters are not thinking/acting our way, vote them out at the next election.

Jerry Morence


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