U.S. oil isn't ours to keep

August 23, 2013 

Letter writer Lori Felts says she was responding to my letter about oil prices, but clearly cannot grasp the concept that oil prices are determined by world markets, which are not based on how much we drill for or supply in the United States. Once again, any oil found in the USA does not belong to us anyway. Why? Because, although the federal government supplies subsidies, the oil does not belong to the citizens. It belongs to "big oil," which will sell in on international commodity brokerages. Period. The only thing we can do to help ourselves is find a way to increase refinery capacity.

Letter writer Charles Carter says he has "firsthand, hands-on knowledge" about presidential vacations and he thinks that indicates the writer Gene Robke's information may be wrong. I think not. I also have "firsthand information" and it indicates that George W. Bush took 19 vacations totaling 1,020 days. This means that President Bush was on vacation for 29 percent of the time he was president.

In addition, travel expenses to his Texas ranch cost taxpayers more than $20 million in air travel and cost for staff and Secret Service. Franklin Roosevelt was in office for 12 years and only took 928 days, so Bush is the all-time vacationing champ.

Joseph M. Reichert


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