70 and not a mile per hour more

August 23, 2013 

Should Madison and St. Clair counties raise the speed limit to 70 mph on area interstates? A new state law gives the two counties the option.

Why not? Many, if not most, motorists already do that speed.

The concern is not that people would be traveling at 70, but that whatever the speed limit they would add another 5 or 10 mph to it. Cars hurtling down the interstate at 80 mph are a concern.

Generally, police officers give drivers some leeway, and don't stop them if they're traveling 5 or maybe 10 mph over the limit. But if Madison and St. Clair counties raise the speed to 70, they should make it clear that they are depending upon the police to enforce the limit. Seventy should be the new maximum, no grace period allowed.

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