Real Estate: What's your neighbor's house selling for?

August 25, 2013 


* 415 Lebanon Ave.; from Mary L. Remster, Mary L. Ucci, Mary L. Alderson; to James L. Alexander; $20,500.

* 402 Abend St.; from West Bergkoetter; to Ryan Wallis; $156,000.

* 12 E. C St.; from Bill Tadlock and Karen Tadlock; to Robert Fredeking and Carole Fredeking; $3,000.

3324 Berwin Green Drive; from Karen L. Yarema; to Ashley Tertocha; $95,000.

* 1819 Spruce Hill Drive; from Nicholas Jung and Jill Jung; to Michael Ramirez and Kimberly Ramirez; $170,000.

* 2130 Durham Drive; from Ronald Terlep and Carol Terlep; to David Sluzevich and Carol Sluzevich; $305,000.

* 2932 Harvest Meadow Drive; from Benjamin M. Mueth and Rebecca J. Mueth; to Matthew S. Noble and Lindsay R. Noble; $162,000.

* 117 Winthrop Drive; from Dennis R. Richter and Janice k. Richter; to Lloyd W. Adams Jr.; $69,000.

* 25 Brittany Lane; from Gilbert Sedabres and Carolyn Sedabres; to Shelly Haselhorst; $75,000.

* 424 Clearview Drive; from DAvid J. Schaltenbrand; to Jayden York and Kristine York; $80,000.

* 7912 W. Washington St.; from Katherine A. Dickey; to Rachel L. Hayes; $80,000.

* 109 Red Fox Road; from James Connors; to Matthew Crook and Jennifer Crook; $395,000.

* 4208 Aragon Court; from Douglas E. Boler and Kimberly A. Boler; to Stephen C. Martin and Christina G. Martin; $535,000.

* 19 Woodland Court; from William E. Linde and Bridge Barnhart; to Shane Mueller and Jayme M. Orenic; $113,000.

* 64 Rugby Drive; from Robert P. McCammon; to Sharon E. Anthony; $135,000.

* 2200 W. A St.; from John R. Schoon and Nancy L. Schoon; to Lindenwood University; $90,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 811 Mildred Ave.; from Irish Springs LLC; to American Estate & Trust; $51,000.

* 2616 Mousette Lane; from Thomas Serkin; to Belinda E. Carter; $55,000.

* 2029 Jerome Lane; from Sherry Aldridge; to Penny Mimbes; $35,000.


* 601 Hollywood Heights Road; from Jeffrey S. Allen; to Cheryl L. Welmon; $60,500.

* 442 S. Fifth St.; from SRMOF 2009-1 Trust; to Sky Blue Development Inc.; $27,500.

* 120 Buckington Court; from McBride & Sons Residential Illinois LLC; to Todd C. Zeitler and Jennifer Zeitler; $273,500.


* 6409 Old Collinsville Road; from Beverly Joy Ballard; to Zachary D. Brann; $95,000.

* 35 Wilshire Drive; from Jason Neuf; to Crystal M. Cole; $55,000.

* 204 Bountiful Drive; from Murphy Shalabi; to Michael D. Meyer Jr.; $88,000.

* 102 Bountiful Drive; from Kerry Saunders and Kelly Saunders; to Cory A. Strand; $113,000.

* 804 Fox Grove Drive; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC; to Charese N. Shadwick; $172,500.

* 620 Ember Crest Drive; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois Inc.; to Donna R. Outland; $151,000.


* 711 Pine Tree Lane; from Don Rakers and Donna Rakers; to Matthew Amann and Tabitha Amann; $170,000.

* 603 Brookstone Court; from Ralph Stauder and Gwen Stauder; to Nicholas Jung and Jill Jung; $195,000.

* 210 Cedar Lane; from Joshua S. Gaebe; to Thomas J. Philo and Susan L. Sieron Philo; $169,500.


* 1112 Lear Lane; from New Tradition Homes LLC; to Robert L. Fiedler and Kimberly Fiedler; $170,000.

* 922 W. Harnett St.; from Matthew J. Hulliung and Patricia Hulliung; to Matthew Hancock and Elizabeth Hancock; $155,000.

* 28 W. Harnett St.; from Scott Brown and Jennifer Brown; to Dennis L. Binsbacher; $150,000.


* 5459 Saxtown Road; from Donna S. Griggs; to William E. Pajares and Melinda L. Sherriff Pajares; $205,000.


* 1122 Illini Drive; from Frank E. Brisendine and Jennifer A. Brisendine; to Zygmunt Orzechowski and Judith H. Orzechowski; $209,000.

* 7036 Milburn Estates Drive; from Patrick E. Maag and Amanda M. Maag; to Charles L. Bassford and Jennifer C. Bassford; $215,500.

* 304 Willow Drive; from Patricia E. Tolbert; to Charles R. Tolbert; $78,000.

* 4 Brandonwood Drive; from Todd W. Klusek and Cathleen D. Klusek; to Timothy Manning and Badia Manning; $175,000.

* 309 Whitehall Drive; from Leona Marie Benedict-Hutchins; to Tyrone Pierce and Maria Pierce; $105,000.

* 1034 Oriole; from Dominic Seipp; to Erin E. Thoman; $193,000.

* 1002 Greentrail; from Marjorie Trammell and James Trammell; to John Prunty and Patricia Prunty; $191,000.

* 427 Highland Peak Court; from Kenneth J. Pinkerton and Joele K. Pinkerton; to Adam G. Tournier; $191,000.

* 1233 Illini Drive; from Paul M. Kombrink; to Val Andy Bethel; $166,000.

* 201 Derrick Drive; from Typhani T. Wright; to Jordan Hudgins; $125,000.

* 621 Wintergreen Drive; from Shirley J. Jentsch; to Magnus Creed and Christina Creed; $135,000.

* 608 Dustin Lane; from Tracy Andrews; to Michael J. Ellis and Ruby Allen-Ellis; $276,000.

* 508 S. Vine St.; from Kimberly Freestone; to Nelson S. Kasten and Karen A. Kasten; $111,000.

* 307 S. Smiley St.; Dale McCollum and Vanessa McCollum; to Gasser Properties LLC; $139,000.


* 890 Crosswinds Drive; from Robert D. Green; to Khin Htay and Teza Win; $145,000.

* 121 Woods Edge Drive; from Dolores Anne Waller; to Helen Jeannette Eberle Trust; $271,500.

* 345 Radcliff Road; from Janet L. Lemay, Janet L. Eiserle; to Matthew J. Pidgeon and Margo P. Pidgeon; $120,000.

* 3416 Dakota Drive; from New Tradition Homes LLC; to Scott S. Bowers and Alexandra M. Bowers; $205,000.

* 3233 Hunters Way; from Michael Schlautman and Tiffany Schlautman; to Lisa Loader; $214,000.

* 3241 Hunters Way; from Gene Holten and Jane A. Holten; to Aric Samm and Amy Samm; $144,000.

* 3051 Harvest Meadow Drive; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC; to Jesus G. Garcia and Patricia Garcia; $204,000.

* 2628 Westinghouse Drive; from Judy D. Sexton; to James Manna; $230,500.



* 4 Signal Drive; from William S. Jones and Karen L. Jones; to Robert Coble; $108,000.

* 1809 Clawson St.; from Michael L. Philpott; to Catherine N. Palazzolo; $115,000.

* 4808 Sandy Court; from Lawrence Kulp and Judy Kulp; to Michael E. Glassbrenner; $105,000.


* 522 Georgia St.; from Mark E. Obrien and Cynthia M. Obrien; to Jeffrey L. Baker; $165,000.

* 138 Independent Drive; from Ronald J. May and Kelly A. Kelly; to Kevin Tharp and Sandra Tharp; $280,000.

* 5514 State Route 140; from Timothy M. Austin; to James E. Hanner III and Constance N. Hanner; $59,500.


* 1117 Williams St.; from Jason Gardner and Christine Gardner; to Eric Wolters; $245,000.

* 619 Burroughs Ave.; from Nancy M. Miller; to Justin H. Hager; $50,000.

* 1123 Ridge Ave.; from Homeinvestors LLC; to Britini Nail; $118,500.

* 103 Linwood Drive; from Daniel J. Shaddrick and Kimberly Shaddrick; to Tamatha L. Schulte; $133,000.

* 132 Rainbow Drive; from Anthony D. Tarr; to Terry Akins and Janet Akins; $90,000.

* 730 Lake Ave.; from JPMorgan Chase Bank; to Brian J. Hunziker and Jaclyn Dietrich; $52,000.


* 4634 Seiler Road; from David K. Mellenthin and Chelsie N. Mellenthin; to Christy L. Strader; $98,000.


* 509 Broadway; from Justine Peterson Housing Reinvestment Corp; to David L. Reynolds; $25,000.

* 459 Florida Drive; from Stephen P. Patton and Janice B. Patton; to Carolyn J. Lewis; $105,000.

* 750 Oakwood Ave.; from Donald R. Meyer and Joan M. Meyer; to James E. Blackorby and Jamie V. Blackorby; $103,500.


* 1400 Eberhart Ave.; from Michelle A. Evans and Earl Gray; to Carlos A. Pardo and Debra J. Pfeiffer; $112,500.

* 3380 Garvey Lane; from William C. Gillaspie and michele D. Gillaspie; to Mark E. Cunningham and Jill M. Cunningham; $467,000.

* 993 Berkshire Drive; from Corey M. Wenzel and Crystal S. Wenzel; to Joshua W. Young and Ann R. Young; $398,600.

* 1217 Harrison St.; from Brian R. Hommert and Michelle M. Hommert; to Jason Wilshire and Heather Wilshire; $129,000.

* 1704 Meadow Lane; from Jeffrey T. Kraft and Rebecca Kraft; to Brian Naylor and Melanie R. Naylor; $220,000.

* 1909 Applegate Lane; from James C. Staten and Amy S. Staten; to Justin A. Metz and Heather D. Long; $206,500.

* 3336 Garvey Lane; from Matthew Nimmons, Tiffany Nimmons, James R. Gubser; to mark Allan and Sandra A. Allan; $380,000.

* 509 Jaime Lynn Court; from Nicholson G. Pruitt and Gina Pruitt; to Jashua Strange; $130,000.

* 338 Barnett Drive; from Vicki F. Primrose; to James R. Morse and Geralyn L. Morse; $810,000.

* 916 Michigan Ave.; from Johnnie W. Hammer and Leslie G. Hammer; to Andrew P. Calloway; $75,000.

*70 Devon Court; from Dorothy Truett and Garland Truett; to Steve Michalik; $45,000.

* 3339 Drysdale Court; from Superior Home Builders Inc.; to David R. Byrne and Debra L. Byrne; $461,600.

* 7336 Kindlewood Drive; from Hearthstone Development Inc.; to Joseph Poole and Shani Poole; $69,500.

* 101 Knights Bridge Lane; from Robert J. Plummer; to Kent D. Pope and Cynthia A. Pope; $279,000.

* 3343 Drysdale Court; from Superior Home Builders; to Nicholas Kostich and Amy Kostich; $505,000.


* 12 Appletree Lane; from Nancy E. Maggio Conlon; to Constance Jeneral; $125,000.

* 203 Nicole Court; from Gary E. Neuymann and Sharon L. Neumann; to Lori Schlonat; $236,000.

* 21 Glen Ed Professional Park; from DCMTB Properties LLC; to Glen Ed Family Dental LLC; $265,500.

*32 Charles Drive; from Gerald Barber and Nancy Barber; to Andrew T. Carver and Amanda N. Carver; $171,000.

* 3155 Alexandria Drive; from Superior Home Builders Inc.; to Ian Heimback and Crystal Heimback; $266,000.

* 7021 Augusta Drive; from Bradley N. Hasquin and Lori M. Hasquin; to Joshua E. Stumpe and Brittany N. Stumpe; $260,000.

* 38 A&B Hickory Hill Lane; from Ryan F. High and Laura D. High; to Ryan Diederich; $180,000.


* 6608 Vollmer Lane; from Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Luke Bonnell and Breanne Bonnell; $156,000.

* 3403 Forsyth Place; from Cody A. Henry and Tamara Henry; to Benjamin D. Cook and Kristie A. Cook; $83,000.

* 1510 Autumn St.; from Darren Freshour, Lori D. Freshour, Century Builders; to Lance Martin and Emily S. Martin; $342,000.

* 3506 Riverview Court; from Brooke Miller and Gary Bellm; to Bruce M. Paule and Elizabeth L. Paule; $310,000.

* 5400 Purvis Lane; from Lucille L. Haynes; to Phillip S. Hellmann; $60,000.

* 985 Koenig Drive; from Jason Wilshire and Heather C. Wilshire; to Mark A. Coy and Christian J. Coy; $169,000.

* 2812 Highlands Road; from Steven G. Gebben and Marie C. Gebben; to Andrew Woulfe and Melissa Woulfe; $400,000.

* 512 Mulberry St.; from Glenn Browning and Shirley Browning; to Steven E. Atkins and Christine L. Atkins; $93,500.


* 630 Sand Prairie Road; from Constance Jeneral; to Brian D. McGill; $115,000.

* 129 Cynthia Lane; from Cynthia S. Goodman; to Andrew Yorko and Joann Yorko; $75,000.

* 7607 Bethalto Road; from Robert L. Lowrance III; to Jason Thatcher and Emily Thatcher; $155,000.

* 2027 Pontoon Road; from Burrows Investments; to Rebecca Jones and Kyle Jones; $67,500.

* 2513 Benton St.; from Thomas Lehelic and Lindsie Mehelic; to Tracy Hinterser; $80,000.

* 2533 Lynch Ave.; from Goshen Real Estates; to Marti Tanthavong; $40,000.


* 12743 Niggli Road; from Ron Hunsche; to Aimee L. Russell; $125,000.

* 2083 Steinkoenig School Road; from Shirley A. Flinn; to Kevin W. Arnold and Sandra K. Arnold; $44,000.

* 13672 Waffler Road; from Susan K. Rakers and Maurice G. Rakers; to Adam J.F. Weidner and Emily Weidner; $120,000.


* 1 Fox Mill Court; from First Mid Illinois Bank Trust; to Matthew A. Nimmons and Tiffany D. Nimmons; $235,000.

* 806 Westwood Village; from Raymond W. Dillon Jr.; to Robert L. Simmons and Sharon D. Simmons; $96,000.

* 820 Oakridge Court; from Darrin Rust and Cindy Rust; to Christopher H. Allison and Gloria A. Allison; $210,000.

* 6207 Main St.; from Gerald D. Bell and Wanda L. Bell; to Dale G. Engelmann; $55,000.


* 2213 Tramore; from Osborn Homes Inc.; to Becky Guyton; $165,000.

* 411 Ackerman Place; from Douglas R. Meyer and Karla A. Meyer; to Diana M. Moore; $120,000.

* 702 Galahad Lane; from Kathleen A. McCammack; to Michael J. Brookshire and Christa P. Brookshire; $126,000.



* 986 Hill Castle Road; from Judy A. Zarate; to Dale P. Gummersheimer; $180,000.

* 2613 Lake Shore Drive; from Melinda S. Pajares; to Curtis M. Bernard and Sara L. Riggs; $193,000.

1036 Arlington Drive; from Emily K. Carter and Matthew R. Carter; to Margaret C. Lauer and Nathaniel W. Lauer; $180,000.

* 215 W. Mill St.; from John L. Spytek Trustee; to Joseph C. Middleton Jr.; $69,000.

* 610 Eckert Lane; from Kenneth Stoner; to Adam J. Newcom and Victoria S. Newcom; $174,000.


* 3651 Russell Drive; from Necie Sneed Trust, Patty Sneed, Successor of Trust, Russell Sneed; to Sherman N. Sneed; $166,000.


* 106 Peregrine Lane; from First National Bank of Dieterich; to Jerry Stuart and Kristen Stuart; $150,000.


* 126 Westview Place; from Michael Hemmer and Stacy L. Hemmer; to Matthew A. Nobbe; $164,000.

* 8000 Meadowfield Drive; from Willis L. Brand; to Craig L. Moll and Kortney R. Moll; $25,500.

* 400 N. Library St.; from Tanya R. Sheils, Executor; to Kimberly Everett; $139,000.

* 1608 New Brunswick Drive; from Community First Bank; to D&F Contracting Inc.; $25,000.

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