Have we found the WMDs?

August 25, 2013 

Just wondering if any of you loyal readers remember the huge truck convoys running from Iraq into Syria right before we sent in our inspectors to try to find Iraq's weapons of mass destruction at the start of our efforts to depose Saddam Hussein. As you will recall, we found very little although we and most of the world thought he had chemical weapons as well as some equipment necessary to develop a nuke.

Recently we hear that President Bashar Assad's Syrian army has used WMDs in the form of chemical shells to kill hundreds of his civilian population including a lot of women and children. This even after our non-leader President Obama drew his so-called red line in the sand. Once again, Obama has responded with little more than more words. Time for him to shut up with the campaign rhetoric, stop golfing, stop vacationing and try to lead for once if he can.

Is it possible that the very WMDs used by Assad were from the bunch taken to Syria by Saddam Hussein? Nah, couldn't happen because the liberals swore Saddam Hussein didn't have WMDs in the first place.

Larry McClintick


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