First, address crime

August 25, 2013 

There are several reasonable things that can be done to remedy the crime problems that plague Belleville. The first reasonable solution is to have crime-free housing. This is simply a no-brainer. Without crime-free housing, Belleville seems doomed.

Why would anyone be against this ordinance? The only reason to be against this ordinance is if one is a fool or has a hidden agenda.

Second, an ordinance needs to be put in place as to how many rental units can be allowed per city size or population, or number of total units. Too much rental property in any city spells trouble with a capital "T."

Third, we need to find a way to increase owner-occupied homes. If we can have these solutions implemented, Belleville may be able to tread water. Without them or similar solutions, the outcome seems bleak.

Belleville does not need anymore happy, feel-good things like more parks. Who in their right mind would go sit in a park and risk getting robbed or something worse? Nor does Belleville need anymore silly high heel shoe sculptures or dog parks.

Belleville needs hard-core solutions to crime, and nothing else. Belleville needs more police, lots more, and more surveillance, and possibly federal involvement to stabilize the sinking ship that this city has become.

However, the first step is to implement crime-free housing. Without it, the residents of Belleville will drown.

Sindy L. Kubitschek


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