Enough with all the appeals

August 25, 2013 

How dare Reginald Clemons (on death row in Missouri for the murders of Julie and Robin Kerry, who were pushed from the Chain of Rocks Bridge) ask for another appeal or review? When do victims get an appeal?

The criminal gets appeals and reviews over and over, why? Did Clemons get a fair trial in an appropriate time? Yes. Did we as victims have any say about these things? No, never.

I am not against any appeals or reviews to be sure we have the correct criminals, but this latest step in the so-called justice system is ridiculous and unfair to the victims and their families. This man was found guilty by his peers in a fair trial, but had more excuses every year to get out of the death penalty.

All of the other men involved in this crime identified Clemons and the cousin of the Kerrys. It's bad enough one man got off through some error a judge committed. I don't understand how that happened; maybe the court of appeals threw a clinker in the rules.

It's time to make some changes in the appeals and review systems. We as victims in Illinois and Missouri have gotten victims rights since 1985 but not enough. We have to work through the people who make our laws, and get some changes.

Pray for the Kerry family once more that they can finally get peace for the murders of their daughters.

Mata M. Weber

Parents of Murdered Children


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