Illinois still misses the mark on jobs

August 25, 2013 

The job market has improved in Illinois, which isn't saying much.

Now instead of a 9.6 percent jobless rate in Southwest Illinois, we've improved to 8.6 percent. Never mind that St. Clair County's unemployment rate is still at 9.6 percent.

And Illinois doesn't have the worst unemployment among the 50 states. We're 49th!

Why are we so much worse off than the rest of the nation?

Actually, we already know many of the reasons: High workers' comp costs, the state's massive debt, the lack of political leadership, more competitive states nearby to name a few. Basically, Illinois remains on the wrong path.

Some people think the way out is to create more government jobs. But we need good-paying private jobs. Bigger government doesn't create wealth; it just redistributes it.

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