The right leader for our times

August 26, 2013 

Read the recent article mentioning the candidacy of Angela Michael for the 15th Congressional District. The only problem I had with it was the use of the words "activist"" and "protester" to describe the doings of Michael and her husband, Daniel, in regards to their efforts to stand in the place of Christ on the sidewalks outside the abortion mills in our local area.

Hardly a sign-toting screamer, Angela has, for decades, reached out with love and compassion and yes, sometimes blunt truth, to those who have been deceived into believing that killing the baby will somehow bring freedom. As a result, thousands of children have been saved, and thousands of women helped.

Michael is exactly the kind of person we want in Washington: tested, tempered, compassionate, caring, courageous.

And, before some people say that those who seem obsessed with ending one particular evil are not qualified for higher office: Think back to the time when the great shame of our nation was not the dehumanization of babies in the womb, but rather the brutalization of those with dark skin. The champions then were not called activists or protesters but rather abolitionists, and Illinois produced the greatest and most beloved of them all.

This coming midterm election, let's send to Washington more of those who are willing to sacrifice and speak on behalf of those who have no voice -- candidates whose lives prove that they are so much more than good orators. Let's send them Angela Michael.

Robert P. Edwards

Granite City

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