Drainage study is a good start

August 26, 2013 

I read an article in the paper concerning recent flooding in the eastern part of Belleville and some basements being flooded.

It appears the city is planning to have a study made of the areas that were flooded, or may possibly be flooded in the future. I am aware of some of the areas in question. I am sure the study will be beneficial and help prevent future flooding.

As in any storm drainage area, the channels must be maintained by the governing entity. Debris must be removed at bridges, box culverts and other drainage structures to prevent clogging. If these structures become clogged with debris and prevent the free flow of storm water, then water can back up and cause serious flooding.

It is prudent for the entity owning these structures to provide maintenance and methods to keep these structures clear of debris. It is also prudent to provide structures capable of collecting and discharging the flows from a storm design of a specified magnitude and duration.

I am sure the study will identify the problem structures and provide guidance on upgrades and maintenance as required.

Lew Hiatt


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