Man found in alley died of heat stroke

News-DemocratAugust 26, 2013 

A 56-year-old Madison man who was found dead in June in an alleyway in Venice died from heat stroke.

The Madison County Coroner on Monday released his findings about the death of Darold J. Mays, 56, of 609 Wayne Lanter Ave.

Mays was found dead in the alleyway at 1342 Klein Ave. at 9:35 p.m. June 27. According to the coroner's office, he was found several hours after his death, but his core body temperature was still 101.9 degrees.

Family members of Mays, who had already been attempting to find the developmentally disabled man when his body was discovered, reported that he would venture out into the community to collect aluminum cans.

Mays had heart and lung disease, which made him more susceptible to heat-related illness, according to the coroner.

The toxicology tests were negative.

"With daytime temperatures forecasted to be in the mid-nineties throughout the week, this unfortunate death should serve as a good reminder to everyone about the dangers posed by exposure to hot environments" said Coroner Stephen Nonn. "People need to be alert, not only for themselves in everyday activities, but also be watchful of friends, family, and neighbors who may be more susceptible to the heat because of chronic health issues."

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