2 Fairmount jockeys hurt, racehorse euthanized in sad day at track

News-DemocratAugust 27, 2013 


Two jockeys were injured and a thoroughbred mare euthanized following an accident at Fairmount Park racetrack Tuesday afternoon.

Jockeys Robert Cummings and Rohan Singh were both taken to Anderson Hospital. Cummings' injuries are not considered serious, said Fairmount Racetrack spokesman Jon Sloane.

"Other than being uncomfortable, he will be fine," Sloane said. "Singh's injuries are more serious, he has chest trauma, but as far as we know, no serious injuries to his limbs."

The fall happened during the 1:55 p.m. race during Horse Hooky Tuesdays at the track. The six-horse field of the third race turned into the final stretch when Shakkarena, a 5-year-old bay mare ridden by Cummings, stumbled and went down. She was running on the rail, the third horse in the race, when she had the fatal breakdown.

"She tripped," Sloane said. "It happens every once in a great while, and the other horse tripped over her. She had a badly broken leg and she had to be put down. When it's badly broken, there's nothing that can be done, other than being euthanized."

The horse behind Shakkarena, She's on Her Way, ridden by Singh, was unable to avoid running into the fallen mare and also went down. She's on Her Way was back up on her feet while Shakkarena remained down on the track with a serious leg fracture.

A track veterinarian humanely euthanized the mare. Shakkarena was owned by Harry E. Lynch and trained by James R. Childers.

She's on Her Way walked off the track and Sloane said she is fine.

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