What was Braxton thinking?

August 30, 2013 

The Rev. Roger Karban is a gifted scripture scholar whose commentaries can be found in national magazines and newspapers such as America, Commonweal, National Catholic Reporter and Celebration. Until recently, his commentaries could be found in the biweekly publication of the Catholic Diocese of Belleville. Unfortunately, Bishop Edward Braxton, after acknowledging his scholarship and his decades of offering this service to the Catholics of the Diocese without pay, inexplicably discontinued Karban's biweekly columns.

Questions might be asked: Was Braxton fearful Karban would usurp Braxton's "popularity?" Or did he retaliate because Karban questioned the hundreds of thousands of diocesan dollars Braxton spent on his residence and trips to Africa?

But really, is there a good reason why a person with good judgment and in his right mind would discontinue Karban's commentaries, which have enriched the Catholic faithful of this diocese for more than four decades?

Perhaps the answer can be found in the question.

Gerald Montroy


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