PACs operate on steroids now

August 30, 2013 

Anyone watching local news can't help but notice the barrage of political ads from a group called Club for Growth (CFG) asking viewers to "call your Missouri legislators" so they can make the world right by simply passing "tax reforms." People in the commercial are diverse, all aw-shucks and folksy, and CFG is portrayed as a populist citizen movement. But actually Club for Growth is an appropriate name -- if the growth you want is cancerous.

CFG is a political money machine created by Wall Street interests and funded by the deep pockets of the rich and corporate. Super PACs like these, thanks to Citizens United and through the courtesy of Madison Avenue, can now bombard the airwaves with anything they wish.

In 2012, they pumped about $50 million in support of Michele Bachman, Ted Cruz, Connie Mack, Richard "Rape is what God intended" Mourdock and a host of the most wild-eyed right-wing radicals ever to infest Congress -- the same Congress that's doing nothing to create jobs and only seems interested in blocking anything by the president.

CFG is running these ads to influence state legislatures to tilt their laws even further in favor of big-money, big-business and Wall Street banksters. They'd drastically cut corporate taxes, decimate schools and essential social services, eliminate the minimum wage and drive unions out of existence. They trumpet the same trickle-down economics scheme that's never worked, and has paralyzed middle-class America for over 30 years. The Supreme Court ruling just put these right wing snake-oil peddlers on steroids.

Kevin J. Gagen


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