Great, more help from Big Brother

August 30, 2013 

So, President Obama wants a college rating system that deterimines whether colleges and universities receive funds and how much they receive. He wants the decision mechanism to hinge on tuition rates for students.

Apparently he wishes to ignore that colleges are already rated on a number of factors by the likes of U.S. News and World Report.

Does he really believe our children and grandchildren are incapable of selecting their best educational options? Or is this one more example of placing the wants and whims of a nation state above the interests of individuals? Toward what end?

He is the major architect of shifting decisions away from personal responsibility toward increasingly larger and tighter government control in determining how we live our lives. Having established "AbominableCare," he is moving on to the social institution of educationm where he will subtly play on the desires of students.

He uses the term "affordability." Check your rising healthcare costs and ask if you have ever heard that term before.

Richard Wagner


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