What do you like about your job?

September 1, 2013 

"Being a painter, I get to look back and see how much I've improved something. How beautiful it is. I've been a painter for 20 years."

Andrew Morris, 38


works for Cy Wuebbels Painting

"I like that there's something different every day. It's never the same thing. They are good to us. It was on-the-job training. I have a master's in management, but earned that while working there."

Maria Jaster, 37


benefits information supervisor at Allsup Inc.

"I'm a software developer. I actually work for myself. On a Friday afternoon, if I want to go out with my mother-in-law and two girls, I can decide to do that. I help people solve problems at work so the satisfaction is I am making their job a little easier."

Becky Bertram, 36


her business is Savvy Technical Solutions. She's the mom of Lilly, 2, and Abby, 7 weeks.

"This is my job. It's my store (Holistic Journey). I love being able to do what I always wanted to do -- my life's work. I kind of fell into it after the military. I got injured in the military. That led me to find ways to relieve stress and (find) peace and healing. That's everywhere around me here. Essential oils and gemstones are my biggest sellers."

Jennifer Deschene, 33


owner of Holistic Journey, Natural Health and New Age Gifts, who recently moved her business from downtown Belleville to Swansea ("There's more room, a yoga studio and a parking lot.")

"The people I work with. I work for St. Clair County. I've been there five years."

Christine Jones, 38


executive secretary

"Meeting new people. You get money. You get vacation time and benefits. You learn responsibility and time management."

Candace Turner, 23


bartender at Takaya New Asian, "a nice little sushi place" on Washington Avenue

Favorite drink? "A Tokyo Rose made with saki, peach schnapps, cranberry juice and orange juice."

"I love that my office is located in downtown Belleville so I get to enjoy Main Street. That is the cool thing. I live in Fenton, Missouri. Being able to come here and get away from the office and have lunch, it's great.

Jeanne Garlock, 48

Fenton, Mo.

marketing manager for an engineering firm

"I like going to the chili fest and the Ocktoberfest and Art on the Square. Not many people get to do that on their lunch break."

Jessie Hankammer, 27


marketing assistant for an engineering firm

"I do landscaping. It's fun. It's a lot of work. I'm out in the sun instead of being inside. I enjoy the weather. I also like to see how it turns out, the before and after."

Jerry Sickmeier, 40


landscaper with Jerry Sickmeier Landscaping

"I work for the federal government. What I like most? We have (Labor Day) off with pay."

Mike Penn, 50


public administration

"I am self-employed. I love it. I am an attorney. My office is just a half block up the street (from St. Clair County Courthouse). I'm a trial attorney. I'll have been doing it for 19 years in November. I love everything about it -- the clients, going to court, dealing with judges and other attorneys."

Mark Peebles, 49


Peebles and Associates

"In the auction business, doing auctions and appraisals, it's something different every day. (I got into the business because) I took an interest in antiques and collectibles. I've been in it for 36 years."

Rick Kohl, 59


owner of Kohl Auction Service

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