REAL ESTATE: What's your neighbor's house selling for?

September 1, 2013 




* 14 Scarlet Drive; from Janet Palmeri and Torre Palmeri; to Sherry Penberthy; $54,000.

* 335 Westline Court; from Jay Thomas Barbeau, Executor; to Kyle A. Fuller and Tricia C. Aldrich; $207,000.

* 148 Rio Verde; from Cynthia J. Woertz; to Andrew Finley and Amy Finley; $116,000.

* 100 Portland Ave.; from Ramon Jellison and Carol Jellison; to Matthew G. Beaston; $85,000.

* 10 Polmetto Drive; from Rudy Riva Sr.; to Sonya Jones; $148,000.

* 2686 Brookmeadow Drive; from Anthony G. Soots and Megan E. Soots; to Maxine L. Kiefer; $150,000.

* 2004 Dublin Blvd.; from Duane Roth and Carol Roth; to David K. Brown and Jessi L. Brown; $233,000.

* 2100 E. C St.; from Scott Mansfield; to Robert D. Schaefer and Tara E. Schaefer; $73,500.

* 5 Apenleaf Drive; from Ernest Harvey and Ofelia F. Harvey; to Ramon Jellison and Carol Jellison; $139,000.

* 16 Fox Creek Road; from Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Donald Shevlin; $70,000.

* 30 Newman Drive; from A & E Midwest Investments Inc.; to Cassandra Leflore and Jerry Leflore; $58,000.

* 6200 Sandia Lane; from William J. Zychlewicz and Deirdre Zychlewicz; to Joshau A. North and Sarah M. North; $230,000.

* 102 N. 81st St.; from Linda Castellanet; to Heidi Miller; $40,000.

* 415 N. 75th St.; from John Hill, Trustee; to Thomas A. Jackson; $30,000.

* 2528 Frank Scott Parkway; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to David C. Blue and Ruth A. Blue; $25,357 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 1229 N. 17th St.; from Lisa Bowman, Dana Toenjes, Michael Kane; to Albert Hampton and Judy Hampton; $35,500.

* 10 Jennine Drive; from Belleville Community Development Corp.; to Debra Jean Widener; $78,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 23 S. 22nd St.; from Paul W. Schaefer; to Lindenwood University; $60,000.


* 53 St. Henry; from Ricahrd S. Egbert; to Lourenco Reed; $7,000.

* 1613 Armand; from Metro Property Partners LLC; to K & E Homes LLC; $29,000.

* 221 W. Second St.; from RV Holdings Three LLC; to Gateway North Redevelopment Group; $26,000.

* 3405 Barber St.; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Screaming Eagle Properties LLC; $33,000.

* 1314 St. Zita Lane; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Screaming Eagle Properties LLC; $33,000.

* 1122 St. Bartholomew Drive; from R & R Investment Properties LLC; to Robinson Realty LLC; $29,000.

* 1316 St. Raphael St.; from Gene Young Jr.; to Metro Property Partners LLC; $17,000.


* 200 Forest Oaks Drive; from William A. Tyrala and AMy Maharaj-Tyrala; to Kenneth D. Sheehan and Amy R. Sheehan; $327,500.

* 921 Thornridge Court; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC; to Jason Jessup and Tamara Jessup; $275,000.

* 410 W. Washington St.; from Lynn E. Favreau; to Raselee S. Vincenzo; $78,000.

* 406 W. Lincoln Ave.; from Michael Watson and Anna Watson; to Courtney A. Bast; $130,000.


* 212 John St.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Gilberto Del Rio; $25,700 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 2013 N. 7th St.; from Johnnie Hearty Jr.; to Anil Gupta; $28,000.


* 1618 Armand Drive; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Screaming Eagle Properties LLC; $38,500.

* 2011 Lynn St.; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Screaming Eagle Properties LLC; $38,000.

* 1107 St. Bartholomew Drive; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Screaming Eagle Properties LLC; $41,500.

* 1714 Mullen Ave.; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Screaming Eagle Properties LLC; $30,000.


* 720 Ember Crest Drive; from Raymond O. McAteer Sr. and Mary L. McAteer; to Kenneth N. Abrahams and Linda M. Abrahams; $245,000.

* 9628 Ridge Heights; from Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Gregory M. Whitehead; $35,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 35 Potomac Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Tonya Deering; $28,520 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 427 Clover Drive; from Margie M. Bertie; to Kenneth McCollum; $77,500.

* 220 Roosevelt St.; from Christine Linn and Justin Linn; to John Schoon and Nancy Schoon; $99,500.

* 123 Northtowne St.; from Keri L. Scheibel; to Michelle Renner; $83,500.


* 332a & 332b N. County Road; from Dennis A. Hightower and Bonnie A. Hightower; to Aaron E. Lands and Rebecca E. Amburgey; $143,000.

* 1400 Royal Forest Drive; from Brian M. Salvi and Nicole L. Salvi; to Henry M. Ellis Jr. and Gulein Ellis; $154,500.


* 1326 Illini Drive; from Charles Phillips and Mirian Phillips; to Jeremy Beebe and Amber Beebe; $237,000.

* 1144 Red Hawk Ridge Lane; from John A. Rutkowski and Cynthia G. Rutkowski; to Branden R. Lewis and Brooke E. Lewis; $282,500.

* 1437 Schwarz Meadow Drive; from James P. Hodskins and Deborah M. Hodskins; to Shawn Lipe and Marissa Lipe; $183,500.

* 287 Cloverdale Drive; from Elmer J. Schwartzkopf; to Christopher J. Colombo; $142,500.

* 372 Kings Ridge Blvd.; from William J. Dalonzo and Kathleen Dalonzo; to William H. Black and Vicki A. Black; $303,000.

* 6808 Norfolk Way; from McBride Stone Briar LLC; to Alexander Macdonald and Victoria Macdonald; $280,500.

* 1402 Desoto Drive; from Irab Lilly Jr. and Ann R. Lilly; to Robert M. Lilly and Elizabeth R. Lilly; $169,500.

* 509 Fairwood Hills Road; from Dustin Cooksey; to Beste Cooksey; $255,000.

* 964 Sturbridge Trail; from Jake Goss and Jennifer Goss; to Justin Seipp; $205,000.

* 1314 Terrace Green Lane; from Elizabeth J. Angened; to Candice Seipp; $137,000.

* 8 Jaime Lane; from Regions Bank; to Jacqueline Bonilla; $158,000.


* 728 Glen Mor; from Darin J. Copeland and Angel Copeland; to Bruce A. Finfrock and Vicki L. Finfrock; $208,000.

* 218 Wingate Blvd.; from Dettmer Homes of Illinois LLC; to Tracy Miller and Melinda Miller; $214,500.

* 2609 Greystone Estates Parkway; from JLP Construction Co.; to Morgan LeeAnn Weeks; $168,000.


* 404 Lake Lorraine Drive; from John E. Herath and Margaret S. Herath; to Wilson D. Waggoner and Jennifer A. Waggoner; $220,000.

* 3308 Gadwell Court; from Thomas J. Kennett and Penny R. Kennett; to Brian Barton and Terrie J. Barton; $365,000.

* 4124 Woodland Park; from Heartland Home Builders Inc.; to Steven Fernlund and Rebecca Fernlund; $289,000.

504 Green Haven Drive; from Ronald C. Reeder and Rebecca J. Reeder; to Corinne E. Whitlatch; $146,500.



* 8415 Paradise Key; from Ralph G. Paslay and Marsha K. Paslay; to Raymond R. Herrin Jr. and Kelly A. Herrin; $35,000.

* 3409 Humbert Road; from Ronald C. Feldewerth and Carol J. Feldewerth; to To Nga Thi Nguyen and Ham Bui; $70,000.

* 4624 Wisteria Drive; from Cecilia A. Schmieg Zirkelbach; to Andra Abbott Hilligoss; $193,500.

* 2512 Alfaretta Ave.; from Janet L. Desherlia and Michael Desherlia; to Stephen Z. Farkas; $105,000.

* 2409 Sherwood Terrace; from Jennifer A. Suessen and Aaron M. Suessen; to Timothy Steeg and Jessica Ray; $115,000.


* 3173 Harris Lane; from Loraine Gann and Lloyd Gann; to Aleksandr M. Elceser; $147,000.

* 124 Patton Drive; from Helen D. Bertagnolli and Norman M. Bertagnolli; to Chad Daniels and Angie M. Daniels; $50,000.


* 435 Chapel Drive; from Theodore E. Hester and Jennifer A. Hester; to Alison J. Rebbe; $155,000.

* 37 Bliss Terrace; from Dwight Sutterfield and Vicki L. Sutterfield; to Dustin Simaytis and Tallie N. Simaytis; $345,000.

* 136 Kenwood Lane; from Emily B. Tarsha and Alex Tarsha; to Julie Bedard and Kelly Bedard; $138,000.


* 715 Rosedale Drive; from Deborah Sandbach and John Sandbach; to Justin Sanbach and Hillary Mansfield; $84,500.

* 549 Nevada; from John A. Taylor, John A. Taylor Inter Vivos Trust; to John A. Taylor; $23,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 225 Haller Ave.; from Nathan Zeller and Lindsey Zeller; to Andrew Holtmann and Laurie Kern; $60,000.

* 825 Willoway Ave.; from Ronald A. Kinnison; to Brandon W. Grizzle; $97,000.


* 2106 Little Round Top Drive; from Bethann Reichert; to Paul T. Fuligni; $285,000.

* 989 Prestonwood Drive; from Gregory C. Olsen and Maria R. Olsen; to Justin Linn and Christine Linn; $275,000.

* 1423 Second St.; from Pamela Clarkin, Penny May, David Fellhauer, Patricia Boudreau, Dale Fellhauer, Dennis Fellhauer, Herbert J. Fellhauer; to Trevor Z. Taynor; $80,000.

* 3813 Arbor Lake Drive; from Michael K. Wolverton and Cheryl L. Wolverton; to Michael Donze and Bethann Reichert; $537,000.

* 508 Hillsboro Ave.; from Jennifer M. Bell and Cecelia M. Bell; to James W. Johnson Jr. and Susan Y. Johnson; $120,000.

* 108 Timbermill Lane; from Jeffery W. Busch and Amy A. Busch; to Paul Gaughen; $362,000.

* 3926 Sequoia Drive; from John W. Kitchen Jr. and Heather A. Kitchen; to Grant Simmons and Christine Simmons; $285,000.

* 904 Chancellor Drive; from Geri Clark and Kevin Clark; to Jaclyn K. Lee and John C. Fondren; $195,000.

* 1460 Ladd Ave.; from Tim Birk and Deborah Birk; to Leslie N. Harmon; $158,500.

* 222 Circle Drive; from Piedmont Development Corp.; to Peter J. Palermo and Sarah S. Palermo; $349,500.

* 7020 Stallion Drive; from Joseph Poole and Shani M. Poole; to Randall Krag and Elizabeth Krag; $212,500.

* 7 Dunlap Cove Drive; from Chandler H. Wilson; to Crystal L. Goodwin; $170,000.

* 109 Springer Ave.; from Walter D. Meadge and Marlene M. Meadge; to Jeffrey Reno and Paulette Reno; $78,000.


* 78 Depot Drive; from Christine Coleman; to Kevin Kanallakan and Nicole Kanallakan; $152,500.

* 128 Meridian Oaks Drive; from Meridian Manors Development; to Doug Hartmann Jr.; $49,500.

* 116 Meridian Oaks Drive; from Lerch Homes Inc.; to Michael A. Ramsey and Ann C. Barron; $288,000.


* 1905 Summerfield Lane; from Judith L. Zimmer; to Victor P. Goeken and Sandra N. Goeken; $183,000.

* 709 Taylor Ave.; from Brian Karcher and Mary Karcher; to Anthony J. Hagen and Allison E. Hagan; $138,500.


* 2304 Hickory Hill Lane; from Stacy L. Capps; to Jay A. Nicolaides and Rose A. Nicolaides; $235,000.


* 348 Grotefendt Road; from Anthony D. McDougal and Terri D. McDougal; to Bradford E. Monroe; $150,000.


* 2621 Center Drive; from HSJ LLC; to Satyadev Inc.; $315,000.

* 2859 Keebler Road; from Douglas B. Shepard and Tina S. Rottier; to Richard K. Pisko; $342,000.

* 2304 William St.; from Timothy C. Foley and Teresa A. Foley; to Claude A. Stricker Sr. and Mary A. Stricker; $125,000.


* 301 Douglas St.; from Jeremiah Nast and Jackie Nast; to Donna Lee and Bryan Lee; $156,000.

* 216 Olyvia Drive; from Lindow Contracting Inc.; to Erick W. Seger and Sara L. Reinacher; $184,000.


* 1317 Rutledge Drive; from Lerch Homes Inc.; to Ben Monson and Kacie Monson; $274,000.

* 112 Mark Steven Court; from Michelle Noethe and Michelle Hochstatter; to Raymond Deluca; $157,000.

* 5 Westbrooke St.; from Kenneth S. Stone and Marleen G. Stone; to David Collins and Emily B. Siemer; $190,000.

* 332 Bass Drive; from Jerry E. Foreman and Linzi N. Foreman; to Matthew T. Sparks and Marie A. Sparks; $219,000.

* 704 Sundance Trail; from Joseph T. Gaffney; to Ronald A. Mudra and Tara N. Mudra; $148,500.

* 1415 Dale Drive; from Christopher Miller and Andrea Miller; to Juliann Kypta; $188,000.

* 309 Avalon Drive; from John E. Heather IV and Meredith Heather; to Dustin Stephen and Sheila M. Stephens; $138,000.

* 1439 Bridgehampton Road; from One Talented Carpenter; to Andrew Brendel and Katherine Brendel; $290,000.

* 300 Avalon Drive; from Vincent P. Venditto and Lynne Venditto; to Curtis Weary and Kelly Weary; $167,000.

* 515 Meadowlark St.; from Stephanei Buchanan Tatham; to Wesley L. Nolden III; $122,000.

* 611 Edwardsville Road; from First Clover Leaf Bank; to Alfonzos Family Pizzeria LLC; $575,000.

* 7300 Graythorn Court; from Villas of Windsor Way; to CMG Custom Construction LLC; $108,000.


* 7923 Twin Lakes Drive; from Ben Wright and Joanne E. Grasser Wright; to Douglas Bertrand and Kelly Bertrand; $286,000.



* 513 Mary Drive; from Marketshare Properties LLC; to Emilie Newbury and Rodney Newbury; $152,000.

* 621 Waterloo Drive; from Cletus P. Rau, Collete Rau, David P. Rau, Trustee; to Stephanie J. Poelker and Rodd M. Rick; $146,000.

* 309 Liberty Court; from Carl A. Schumacher and Jennifer A. Schumacher; to Mary D. Nelson and Zachary F. Nelson; $217,000.

* 1612 New Brunswick; from Community First Bank; to D & F Contracting Inc.; $25,000.

* 105 Fox Run; from Jennifer A. McManus and Rodger W. McManus; to Anthony J. Frierdich and Brandi S. Frierdich; $310,000.

* 13274 Summerfield Drive; from Erika N. Watters and Joshua J. Watters; to Kyle R. Stephens and Suzanne R. Stephens; $230,000.

* 7883 Gall Road; from Michele Beck and Randall M. Beck; to Cobant LLC; $210,000.

* 619 S. Market St.; from Terr Larsen, Co-Successor, Thelma Larsen, Barbarra A. RAchel, Co-Successor; to Christopher P. Neumann and Donna J. Neumann; $67,000.

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