Too much tax money wasted

September 1, 2013 

I read with dire disgust how our tax money is thrown away by our generous Democratic leaders. How does Madison County Transit District get all this extra money to throw into the deep pockets of retired Democrats like former congressman Jerry Costello. The $7,000 a month he gets from the transit district is a lot more than I get after working for 44 years in a steel mill.

Costello had 20 years to do the job his cronies want him to do now. As the BND editorial stated, we have two people we are paying right now to do this work if it is needed: Reps. Bill Enyart and John Shimkus. Both are elected to our bidding on these matters.

I don't blame Costello for taking the money. The real culprit is Transit District Director Jerry Kane, who says Costello is worth it. Why don't we, as taxpayers, get together and find another director for the Transit District? I think we could find another person who would let our elected officials do their job.

If I were Shimkus or Enyart, I would be embarrassed to think a has-been politician could do more than I could. Let's make these President Obama types preform in place of throwing our money away to their buddies. I know this won't happen, especially in Madison County but we could try.

I ask one question: How much return will we get on that $84,000 a year giveaway program Kane has instituted?

Charles Lyerla


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