Don't blame trucking industry for higher speed limit

September 3, 2013 

The recent letter to the editor by Albert Melone regarding the 70 mph speed limit legislation signed into law by the governor needs clarification. The trucking industry did not support the increase in speed limits to 70 mph.

The trucking industry has long held the position that the safest speed limit is when all vehicles travel at uniform speed limits, be it 55, 65 or 70. Until just three years ago, Illinois was one of the last remaining states in the country that had split speed limits on interstate highways and other four-lane roads for cars and trucks, resulting in accidents caused by rear-end collisions and lane changes.

The trucking industry was neutral on the increased speed limit when the bill was heard in the House and Senate transportation committees and during floor debate.

Most trucking experts will say the optimum maximum speed limit for a truck is about 70. Any more and fuel mileage quickly declines.

Don Schaefer

Executive vice president

Mid-West Truckers Association


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