Silence from Obama's faithful

September 3, 2013 

With President Obama wanting to walk the political tightrope in desiring to "punish" Syria for using chemical weapons, I want to know where all the "warmongerer" criers are? How many chastisements has Obama issued on our soldiers for loss of civilian lives in Afghanistan and Iraq? How many innocent civilians will be killed as a result of Obama's vague goal of punishing an atrocity? He doesn't want to unseat the perpetrator but wants to fire off rockets at random.

This hypocrite-in-chief criticized President Bush for being a "cowboy" and "going it alone." Now Obama is doing that same thing.

I want to hear from all of the Obama supporters who fired off about the Bush wars. I expect to hear the same criticism about Obama's war.

Go ahead, letter writers Jim Walters and Gene Robke, and let that warmongering Obama have it. I'm thinking he's in it for the oil fields; what do they think?

James J. Price


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