Kosar just doing his analyst job

September 3, 2013 

As a lifelong Cleveland Browns fan I read with interest press reports concerning Bernie Kosar's on-air remarks concerning Rams backup quarterback Kellen Clemens and others in the Rams organization during the recent Browns-Rams pre-season game.

First let's put it in context. Kosar is a TV analyst for a local Cleveland channel, intended primarily for Browns' fans in the Cleveland area. The kind of comments he made would be apropos in someone's living room or in a sports bar after the game but maybe a little too cutting for the broadcast booth.

Contrary to some reports, Kosar was not drinking, nor was he feeling the effects of many concussions from his playing days. Jim Nantz he is not and he tends to speak his mind about football, a subject he knows plenty about. You can't very well hire an analyst to be candid in his commentary and then be shocked when he's not kind and gentle.

Some comments by Kosar, himself an ex-NFL QB of some regard, were actually supportive of Rams' QB Sam Bradford, who was on occasion having trouble finding receivers that could catch the football. Leave it to a former QB to focus on that.

The Browns have since issued a formal statement and called the Rams to apologize. Kosar also called Coach Jeff Fisher and apologized.

Perhaps he will tone down his comments a bit and focus more on covering the performance of the fellows wearing the orange helmets. At any rate, "Are you ready for some football?"

Bill Malec


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