The Witches of Kimmswick - A Frightfully Fun Night Out

September 5, 2013 

Once again, fall is upon us and we are looking for something new and exciting to do with our lady friends. Well, why not venture 45 minutes down Highway 55 to Kimmswick, Missouri and join The Real Witches of Kimmswick for the 3rd Annual Witches of Kimmswick Ladies Night Out!

Valerie Ahlemeyer, co-owner of Picket Fence Primitives in Kimmswick with her sister Sherri Fendler, is the Director of the Kimmswick Witches Night Out and proudly wears the title of Head Witch (Thanks to her sister Sherri holding down the fort in their shop!)

“This whole idea came about after my sister Sherri and I visited our grandmother at the Nursing home in Lebanon, Illinois, where we saw that they held an annual Lebanon Witches Night Out,” Valerie said. “A few weeks later, Sherri and I met with all the other merchants here in Kimmswick to discuss fun and inviting ways to get customers to our quaint little town. Sherri explained the event in Lebanon, and then suggested that we might start our own Witches Night Out Event as a way to cater to the Ladies that frequent our shops all throughout the year. With the support of all of our shop owners, the Merchants Association and our Visitor Center, we set out three years ago to bring about 200 ladies to town. We were completely blown away by the turn out when over 1000 women, dressed in the most exquisite Witches costumes - they were all decked out - visited the first year. The turnout was simply amazing! So we regrouped for the next year- when low and behold we hosted over 2000 witches throughout our lovely little town - who showed up in even more elaborate costumes than the year before.”

This year, no cauldron will be left unstirred and everyone’s brooms are revved up to go as all of Kimmswick is getting ready to host Witches from all over the area at their 3rd annual Witches Night Out in Kimmswick on October 12, 2013 from 3 - 9 p.m., with the Grand Costume Finale starting at 9:15 p.m.

There are prizes for the Best Hat, Best Broomstick and Best Witches Costume - along with incredibly ghoulish discounts at all the shops. There is live entertainment and psychics stationed throughout the town, who, for $20, will tell you where your bewitching ways might be leading you. There is a Skeleton Bones Scavenger Hunt and you won’t want to miss the Witches Brew Wine Tastings held in some of the stores throughout Kimmswick.

Price is $15 per Witch and registration is required to partake in all the festivities and to receive your Witches Goody Bag, filled with items that even the most prepared Witch might need throughout her travels that night. They also suggest you wear comfortable shoes with your costume and bring a flashlight to light your way as you are flying through town!

Early registration is going on now... Please visit to register or visit the Kimmswick Visitor Center for more information or to register in person. A portion of the proceeds goes to support local charities throughout the area and to support the Kimmswick Visitor Center.

As Witches Night Out is an adult event for ladies 21 & over, they ask that you leave the kiddos and men in your life at home on October 12th - but you can bring them back for a ghoulish good time on October 19th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. for Goblin’s Day - where the children can enjoy some early trick or treating all throughout Kimmswick on their own special day!

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