Our future at stake

September 5, 2013 

Two nations, Syria and the United States, hold the outcome of the world's future generations in their hands as they violate our God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Syria is killing hundreds of unwanted men, women and children with deadly chemicals.

Abandoned by the European nations, the U.S.'s mighty war machine stands alone, and as one World War II veteran said, "Caught with our pants down and wearing dirty underwear." America has had legal abortion for 40 years, chemically and surgically allowing the killing of 55 million and currently 3,000 unborn babies daily. There is the tax funding of $340 million to Planned Parenthood of America, the largest abortion provider in 2011, for population control.

The world is at a crossroad: God's laws or mass destruction. Choose life, pray, repent, forgive and be healed.

Esther Koch

President, Clinton County Citizens for Life


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