How can Syria be a threat?

September 5, 2013 

After watching the news and reading the BND, I have come to the conclusion that a third grader would know more than Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barack Obama.

Obama has a tiger by the tail in Syria and he shoves Kerry to the forefront as bait.

The Syrian people are asking why Obama is waiting so long to bomb the Syrian government. Don't ask old empty suit a question like that. It's the American people who are postponing that decision.

I cannot see where we think Syria is worth one dead American. That country can't be a threat to America.

People in that part of the world have been fighting one another for centuries. We can't stop them. America is not the police department other countries think we are.

I believe Obama and Congress need to think outside the tank. We need jobs, housing, good food and most of all a decent government -- a government that looks out for America first. Don't forget the old adage, "Charity begins at home."

Obama can't get anyone to go along with his excuse as to why it would do any good to get rid of Syria's present government. They will be back in a few years.

I do wish war was like it used to be where the kings led their army to battle and stayed in front all the time. If this were true today, I would say let's go get them.

Charles V. Lyerla


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