Marriage licenses

September 5, 2013 


Aaron Paul Adams of Troy to Amanda Sue Roesch of Troy.

Randell Akins Jr. of Cahokia to Shanice M. Danley of Cahokia.

Jeremy D. Alms of Belleville to Heather N. Kaltenbronn of Belleville.

Dominic A. Arnold of East St. Louis to Jhanel M. Skinner of East St. Louis.

Jeff Wayne Bahr of Mt. Vernon to Jessica Louise Kennealy of Mt. Vernon.

Anthony Roy Barcinas of Belleville to Nicole Marie Happel-Nowak of Belleville.

Larry Todd Bass of Hattiesburg, Miss. to Michelle Lynn Thomas of Hattiesburg, Miss.

Christopher Andrew Beahringer of Fairview Heights to Crystal Lynn Fura of Caseyville.

Mark Anthony Beaty of Lebanon to Susan Elaine Castillo of Lebanon.

David Joseph Berry Jr. of Belleville to Carrie Dawn Stevens of Belleville.

Michael Jeffrey Best of Belleville to Debralee Paulette Crankshaw of Belleville.

Hurley E. Bevill Jr. of Columbia, Mo. to Anne E. Fleming of Columbia, Mo.

Corey Lamar Billups of Belleville to Kayah Marie Bolam of Belleville.

Steven David Bovinette Jr. of Caseyville to Tanya R. Bovinett of Caseyville.

Mark D. Brackman of Granite City to Monica N. Rodriguez of Belleville.

Jerome D. Brewer of O'Fallon to Lena A. Hines of O'Fallon.

Joseph Vincent Brogan of Elizabethtown, Ky. to Patricia Margaret Brogan of Fairview Heights.

Bryce Anthony Brow of Mattoon to Ariel Nicole Stokes of Mattoon.

Benjamin L Brown of Fairview Heights to Holli F. Elliott of Fairview Heights.

Nathan Tyler Brown of O'Fallon to Ashley Marie Hubbard of O'Fallon.

Max L. Bryant of Mascoutah to Lindsey N. Millett of Mascoutah.

Demetrius D. Buntyn of East St. Louis to Kaytra K. Kirkwood of Madison.

Samuel Joseph Brady Cagle of Albany, Ga. to Lynda Jenny Clinton of O'Fallon.

Demetrius Cannon of East St. Louis to Natasha L. Sykes of Fairview Heights.

Demarcus Romon Chapman of Belleville to Shaundra Danielle Malone of Belleville.

Jason Robert Chierek of St. Louis to Jenna Leigh Schoenborn of St. Louis.

Zakuriah Slade Chism of Dupo to Elizabeth Nicole Giovanetti of Dupo.

Derrick Matthew Clem of Belleville to Barbara Erin Mayor of Belleville.

Benjamin Franklin Coleman III of Florissant, Mo. to Lessie Teresa Burns of Florissant, Mo.

Dominique Devon Cotton of East St. Lois to Keayanna Denise Gibson of Belleville.

Vernon William Cox of Belleville to Christina Marie Phillips of Belleville.

John D. Dace of Cahokia to Porcha L. Head of Cahokia.

Michael James Dahm of Belleville to Ashley Danielle Stehl of Millstadt.

Matthew K. Dawe of Belleville to Deanna L. Pattillo of Belleville.

Mark Alan De Armond of O'Fallon to Jesika Auria Wilhelm of O'Fallon.

Gary L. Denbow of Dupo to Michelle L. Clark of Dupo.

Timothy Michael Diser of Belleville to Jennifer Michelle Mitchell of Belleville.

Mekkael Matthew Drakes of Belleville to Trina Yvette Silas of Belleville.

William James Droeger of Mascoutah to Amanda Anne Wilson of Mascoutah.

Cornelius Thomas Ducey III of Collinsville to Taryn Anothai Borgmeyer of Collinsville.

Darren M. Dunham of Granite City to Stephanie D. Deve of Granite City.

James Hertis Dunigan III of Swansea to Shevell Jaqueese McAlpine of Swansea.

Gregory E. Dunigan of East St. Louis to Terisa F. McNeese of East St. Louis.

Wesley Thomas Durrett of O'Fallon to Monica Jean Hickerson of O'Fallon.

Lawrence Rayfield Eden of O'Fallon to Donna Rochelle James of Kansas City, Mo.

Eugene Knight Edmonds Jr. of Lebanon to Norma Lynn Bice of Lebanon.

Kevin Alan Embrich of Highland to Shannon Marie Fenton of Highland.

Bruce A. Epps of Belleville to Rotrisha L. McGee of Fort Riley, Kan.

Robert Aurbury Forker of Summerfield to Bonita Dawn Mireles of Summerfield.

Zachary Lee French of Plainfield to Rachel Lynn Schmidt of Plainfield.

Ramon Garcia of O'Fallon to Shasta D. Law of O'Fallon.

David Jeffery Geaschel of Belleville to Mckenzi Clara Anderson of Belleville.

Ronnie W. Geasley of O'Fallon to Debra L. Harris of O'Fallon.

Michael Gomulka of Lawrence, Kan. to Amanda Raquel Frey of Tucson, Ariz.

Justin William Graebe of Belleville to Amanda Leigh Moreno of Belleville.

Giaco P. Granger of East St. Louis to Destiney S. Cook of Centreville.

Ryan Ellis Green of New Athens to Kari Elizabeth Frederickson of New Athens.

Derek Daniel Greenfield of Millstadt to Kailey Marie Glazebrook of Millstadt.

Micahel William Grider of Cahokia to Nichole Rene Bequette of Cahokia.

Jody Lyl Grove of St. Paul, Minn. to Stephanie Ann Cherrier of O'Fallon.

Brian E. Haas of Mascoutah to Kim M. Sandheinrich of Mascoutah.

Timothy J. Haas of Mascoutah to Abbie M. Green of Mascoutah.

Robert E. Haley Jr. of Swansea to Debra A. Prieto of Swansea.

Nicholas Raymond Hayden of Swansea to Sarah Elizabeth Lantry of Swansea.

Kevin James Hayes of Belleville to Tiffany Spring Seper of Belleville.

Henry Clay Haynes of East St. Louis to Laronia Elaine Chism of East St. Louis.

Robert Harrison Heard Sr. of St. Louis to Pamela Renee Carter of St. Louis.

Steven Thomas Hendricks of Klamath Falls, Ore. to Melissa Sue Droege of Belleville.

Scorpio Deshawn Hernton of Granite City to Temika Donise Balentine of Granite City.

Ryan Anthony Hotz of Belleville to Melissa Loree Overall of Belleville.

Arbie Willie Hudson of Collinsville to Tiffany Jean Schuler of Collinsville.

Willie Louis Hudson of Swansea to Doreatha Elaine Eggleston of Swansea.

Morris Hunter Jr. of St. Louis to Kawana S. Amy of St. Louis.

Damario M. Isaac of Fairview Heights to Tawana R. Jeffries of Fairview Heights.

Allen J. Jenkins Jr. of East St. Louis to Shayla B. Coulter of East St. Louis.

Darryl Barry Johnson Jr. of Fairview Heights to Catrice Renee Woods of Fairview Heights.

Edwin Francis Kane of St. Louis to Jacqueline Martin of St. Louis.

Donald L. Kay of Houston, Mo. to Carla D. Haynes of Houston, Mo.

Keltron Jahlil Kelly Jr. of Belleville to Ashley Amia Gregory of O'Fallon.

Antonio M. Kilbert of East St. Louis to Latoyya L. Smith of East St. Louis.

Ronald Eugene Kinworthy of Caseyville to Candy Lynn Hernandez of Caseyville.

Dustin C. Knerrer of Lebanon to Amanda S. Knerrer of Lebanon.

Charles E. Knollman Jr. of Valmeyer to Janis K. Hurley of Dupo.

Garett Tyler Koke of Caseyville to Brittany Pauline Hughes of Caseyville.

Roderick Gerard Lang of East St. Louis to Andrea Latrica Loyd-Harris of East St. Louis.

James Alexander Loring of Raeford, N.C. to Kelsey Kae Warren of O'Fallon.

James Anthony Eugene Lovell of Freeburg to Cynthia Marie Eller of Freeburg.

James D. Lucas of Belleville to Jessica E. Short of Belleville.

Kevin C. Mank of Belleville to Virginia S. Asbridge of Belleville.

Robert James William Marsh of Mountain Home, Idaho to Cheri Lavon Lewis of Mountain Home, Idaho.

Manuel Martinez IV of Collinsville to Chelsea Lynn Cook of Collinsville.

Bradley J. Martini of O'Fallon to Kimberly A. Herbert of O'Fallon.

Darin K. Mattern of New Athens to Jamie L. Pratt of New Athens.

James D. Mauser of Belleville to Julie A. Eastwood of Belleville.

Davie Lewis McCalebb of Washington Park to Terranczillie Slater of East St. Louis.

Kenneth-Kevin C. McCaster of East St. Louis to Ebony N. Smith of Cahokia.

Alonzo Paris McCoy Sr. of East St. Louis to Yvonne Petha Robinson of East St. Louis.

Sean Patrick McGee of Morrisville, N.C. to Kathryn Marie Schoen of Morrisville, N.C.

Jason Richard McWilliams of Shiloh to Dayanna Leah Onstott of Shiloh.

Jeremy Merritt of Fairview Heights to Kewanta D. Parks of East St. Louis.

Philip EArl Mersinger of Belleville to Jennifer Yong Collins of Belleville.

David Lee Milburn of Lenzburg to Debbie Sue Kueker of West Memphis, Ark.

Joshua A. Miller of Mascoutah to Christina G. Cochran of Mascoutah.

Muhammad Zain Mirza of Crown Point, Ind. to Mehreen Sabah Iqbal of Belleville.

Marshall Victor Monroe of Chesapeake, Va. to Lisa Kay Douglas of Chesapeake, Va.

Harold N. Moses of Belleville to Phyllis J. Mollet of Prairie du Rocher.

Brian R. Munaco of Belleville to Stephanie K. Cornell of Belleville.

Ramiro Munoz Jr. of Fairmont City to Carrie L. Smith of Fairmont City.

Nicholas Joseph Nasti of Belleville to Kimberly Megan Anderson of Belleville.

Antione T. Newby of Cahokia to Charlesetta R. Lockett of Cahokia.

Kevin L. Ormsbee of Glen Carbon to Laura L. Fox of Glen Carbon.

Michael T.J. Pinson of New Baden to Rachel Rochelle Boykin of Hugo, Okla.

Mark E. Pitts of Fairview Heights to Angela D. Ivey of Fairview Heights.

David W. Popp of Alexandria, Va. to Aimee A. French of O'Fallon.

Curtis Ray Radley of Washington Park to Sherrinna Lazzette Harris of Cahokia.

Paul James Rarick of Belleville to Carolyn Renee Hill of Belleville.

Timmy L. Ray of Cahokia to Valerie A. Young of Cahokia.

Renard J. Reynolds of Fairview Heights to Michelle Lynne Connors of Alorton.

Jacob E. Richards of Belleville to Chelsey A. Reeve of Swansea.

Timmy Jay Richardson Jr. of Lebanon to Anastasia Marie Reeves of Lebanon.

Nathan M. Roach of Belleville to Courtney R. Marler of Belleville.

Nathaniel Roberson of Belleville to Deanunique Delene Kirkman of Belleville.

Cleophus Robinson of East St. Louis to Raytina Sherice Pritchard of East St. Louis.

Dennis Maurice Ross Jr. of Cahokia to Jennifer Tierra Watson of Alorton.

Orlando Rucker of East St. Louis to Yolanda Marie Thomas of East St. Louis.

Randy Cecil Saxton of Alorton to Kareta Romeka Jones of Cahokia.

Aaron T. Sigler of Trenton to Carri L. Coburn of St. Jacob.

Mitchell S. Simoens of O'Fallon, Mo. to Danielle N. Collins of O'Fallon, Mo.

Adam Loren Sinn of Freeburg to Messina Jean Truttman of Smithton.

Carlos Deangelo Smith of Belleville to Rubystine E. Bobo of Belleville.

Demetric L. Smith of Belleville to Janata A. Woods of Belleville.

Decarlo T. Spears of East St. Lois to Sharesse S. Gordon of East St. Louis.

Carey Cortez Staten of St. Louis to Zeretta Pratcher of St. Louis.

Timmy J. Stewart II of Columbia, MO. to Shana M. Sanders of Columbia, Mo.

Mortez L. Tallie of Belleville to Tyneshia D. Parchman of Belleville.

Daniel Gerraud Thompson of Belleville to Francisca Montes of Belleville.

Mark Allen Thompson of O'Fallon to Melinda Anne Freeman of O'Fallon.

Charles Ebony Tillman of East St. Louis to Malaika Asali Glinsey of East St. Louis.

Kendall L. Turner of Cahokia to Tiffani L. Estes of Cahokia.

James A. Tylka of Fairview Heights to Danika A. Wilson of Belleville.

Juan Carlos Urbina of Collinsville to Nelida Rivera of Collinsville.

Donald Dewitt Vannoy III of Belleville to Angella Marie Drummond of Belleville.

Leland F. Vogt of Waterloo to Jacqueline M. Cox of Red Bud.

Kenneth Paul Volle Jr. of Pittsburgh, Penn. to Lindsey Joy Wigden of Fairview Heights.

Donald L. Weaver of Collinsville to Kimberley M. Watson of Collinsville.

Darren Lester Webb of Cahokia to Cynthia Anita Barrow of Cahokia.

Philip Merrill Wiebe of Nanaimo, BC to Lauren Kinzie Park of Tampa, Fla.

Matthew Robert Wiederholt of O'Fallon to Anne Christine Wilson of O'Fallon.

Marc William Wildhaber of Collinsville to Megan Marie Rouland of Collinsville.

Jeffery Michael Wilson of Millstadt to Elizabeth Christine Haas of Millstadt.

Tory W. Winchester of O'Fallon to Meghan M. McKelvy of O'Fallon.

Timothy S. Wiscombe of Mascoutah to Brittany A. Fromme of Mascoutah.

Kyle James Wolfe of Belleville to Anna Kthleen Kruse of Mascoutah.

Robert D. Wood of East St. Louis to Sierra S. Crayton of East St. Louis.

Brian Joseph Wright of Mehlville, Mo. to Sarah Grace Johnson of Mehlville, Mo.

Ryan Joseph Young of Belleville to Stacey Elizabeth Held of Arnold, Mo.

Nathanael G. Ryan of Belleville to Jason S. Thomas of East Alton.

Carol R. Smith of Owensboro, Ky. to Kristie D. Smith of Owensboro, Ky.

Keisha Elizabeth Townsend of St. Louis to Robin Michelle Blanchard of St. Louis.

Brejiona Unique White of Belleville to Antia J'ryka Benton of East St. Louis.

Khadidra Tewonna Wood of Belleville to Kristina Nikol Marsh of Belleville.


Tyler Albert Smith of Edwardsville to Stephanie Irene Obrian of Edwardsville.

David Allen Price of Granite City to Danielle Raeleen Yarber of Granite City.

Simon Morrow of St. Louis to Erma Jean Smith of Godfrey.

Seth Andrew Fink of East Alton to Ashley Rachelle Meyer of Roxana.

William Herman Prante III of Worden to Jennifer Dian Linkeman of Worden.

Michael Anthony Nelson II of Maryville to Janine Michele Holt of Tulsa, Okla.

Bryan Keith Mangan of Hartford, Mo. to Rachel Marie Carnell of Hartford.

Jason Douglas Alton of Alton to Emily Ann Davis of Alton.

Blake Alan Boyer of Edwardsville to Cristina Marie Caputo of Edwardsville.

Joshua Michael Parr of Collinsville to Heather Nicole Broyhill of St. Jacob.

James Michael Wall of Edwardsville to Gloria Darlene Reading of Edwardsville.

Jason Michael Fee of Wood River to Casey Ann Imel of Wood River.

Nathan Todd Mason of Columbia, Mo. to April Nicole Eilering of Columbia, Mo.

Ryan Christopher Petroline of Alton to Stephanie Rae Kessinger of Alton.

Nathan John Kokorudz of Wood River to Bethany Rose Brackman of Wood River.

Lucas Todd Hellrung of Alton to Aleah Marie Thery of Alton.

Thomas Frank Lewis Jr. of Troy to Nicole Erin Frazer of Troy.

Michael Scott Fleming of Granite City to Theresa Ann Harris of Granite City.

Dane Edward Hastings of Wood River to Annette Lynn Murphy of Wood River.

Joshua Alan Boals of Essex, Mo. to Alexandrea Aliene Halcom of Alton.

Thomas Gerard Hendricks of Wood River to Jacqueline Ann Yarnell of East Alton.

Ronald Paul Cauley Sr. of Cottage Hills to Patricia Ann Musgraves of Cottage Hills.

Caleb Andrew Gibson of East Alton to Cory Ann Kennerly of Wood River.

Robert Wayne Whitten of Roxana to Tricia Marie Kidd of Bethalto.

Shaun Lee Copeland of Wood River to Amanda Danielle Hendricks of Wood River.

Mathew Allen Parrott of Granite City to Heather Jean Holmes of Granite City.

Dean Edward Jarosik of Port Charlotte, Fla. to Gretchen Anne Brown of Port Charlotte, Fla.

Gregory David Sisco of Chewelah, Wash. to Britni Lynn Gordon of Alton.

Jerry Michael Weller of Granite City to Michelle Lee Turner of Granite City.

Jonathan Paul Truitt of Collinsville to Amy Leann Lykins of Collinsville.

Charles Eddie Haney Jr. of Maryville to Audrey Jane Warren of Maryville.

Timothy Glen Mueller of Highland to Betsy Ellen Rose of Highland.

Benjamin Marshall Cline of Edwardsville to Elizabeth Anne Bruns of Troy.

Jeremy Charles Durbin of Alton to Luciana Contin of Alton.

Joshua Jeremiah Disher of East Alton to Nicole Lynn McEwen of East Alton.

Anthony Joseph Grady of Collinsville to Lynn Marie Hill of Collinsville.

Chris Lewis Fortkamp of Springfield to Jennifer Marie Waldrup of Springfield.

Robert Cory Stephens of Maryville to Aubree Lynne Gray of Maryville.

Russell Eugene Robinson III of Madison to Yvonne Renee Randazzo of Madison.

Zachary William Foust of Pittsburgh, Pa. to Samantha Shea Masinelli of Pittsburgh, Pa.

Jonathan Clinton Corzine of Collinsville to Elizabeth Marie Mueller of Collinsville.

Jeremy David Breidegam of Granite City to Sheila Kay Price of Granite City.

Brody Michael Ottwell of Godfrey to Kristen Taylor Mertz of East Alton.

Kenneth Dewain Lansdon of Alton to Edna Lee Copeland of Alton.

Gregg Alan Baker of Maryville to Miranda Nichols Darrough of Maryville.

Michael David Scalise of Jackson, Tenn. to Tina Marie Moore of Granite City.

Taylor Rae Harris of Warrensburg, Mo. to Misty Faye Collman of Warrensburg, Mo.

Landon Michael Goldstein of Highland to Brittany Laine Hammel of Highland.

David Charles Gehlbach of Belleville to Sandra Leona Ray of Moro.

Eric Stephen Coffman of Alton to Allison Marie Wilson of Alton.

Eric Donald Anderson of Collinsville to Ashley Danielle Williams of Collinsville.

Daniel Maurice Redditt of Alton to Ashley Anne Sexton of Alton.

Damon Michael Melton of Hartford to Brittani Nicole Lewis of Hartford.

Phillip Edward Clutts III of Granite City to Leanne Marie Beavin of Granite City.

Dezman Howard Butler of Collinsville to Katherine Camille Rothe of Piasa.

David Vincent Martinez of Granite City to Brooke Nicole Foschiatti of Granite City.

Jacob Charles Riedisser of East Alton to Morgan Marie St. Peters of East Alton.

Philip Michael Webb of Edwardsville to Mary Katherine Niebling of Edwardsville.

Jeffrey Thomas Potts of Granite City to Elizabeth Ann Perryman of Granite City.

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