Presidency is now a laugh

September 6, 2013 

I would like to supplement information in a Sound-off comment on Monday titled, "Waiting on Obama." The comments, along with the editorial cartoon, could hardly have been timed any better. It brought out President Obama's ineptitude in handling the Middle East crisis.

The Sound-off caller stated that chemical weapons were used by the Germans during World War II to exterminate Jews in concentration camps. Before then, they were also used in combat by the Italians during their war of conquest in Ethiopia in 1935-36.

Ethiopians, armed primarily with primitive weaponry, had fought courageously against Italian invaders armed with modern weaponry. When the Ethiopians staged counterattacks and gained the initiative, the Italians -- out of desperation and humiliation -- resorted to the use of poison gas. Ethiopians were defenseless against the chemical weaponry. The course of the war in Ethiopia changed and the Italians went on to victory.

As the Sound-off caller described, the more recent use of chemical weapons is random instead of organized. However, whether random or organized, chemical weapons are deadly and they kill.

The caller finalized comments by saying, "So come on, President Obama, let's see what you are going to do."

For his foreign policy ineptitude (especially in the Middle East) and other reasons too, Obama's presidency is getting to be a laugh.

Frank B. Austin


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