Caseyville mayor expects to name new police chief soon

News-DemocratSeptember 7, 2013 

— Mayor Leonard Black said he hopes to have a new police chief on the job by Sept. 18.

"First of all, I want to restore integrity in our police department," Black said. "I am looking for a new police chief and I am looking throughout the region. But, my choice could be someone in our immediate area. I just want to make sure I choose someone who is very qualified, who is community oriented and puts the safety of our citizens first."

Former Police Chief J.D. Roth was charged with two counts of official misconduct in May and in June, Roth died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Frank Moore has been serving as interim police chief.

Many of the police officers did not like the way Roth ran the department; they took a vote of no confidence against Roth earlier this year.

Black, who was elected in April, also wants auxiliary police officers in Caseyville.

"We are looking for people who want to give back to the community," he said. "And, we are going to have crime prevention meetings once a month so the citizens and police can come together. Oftentimes people see the police only as authority figures who they only see when they answer police calls. We want everybody to know that the police are there to protect and serve them," Black said.

To further public safety in Caseyville, Black said he wants to bring the Neighborhood Watch program back to village.

Black said he has the same excitement for the village that he had before he ran for office.

"It's an exciting time for all of us in Caseyville. My staff and I have some plans to restore our image and unite the entire village so we're like one big family," he said.

Black outlined some of his plans for the village:

* Host a fishing derby for kids.

* Host a Frontier Day event next weekend. "We're going to have a Frontier Day event that will capture what is was like back in the day of Daniel Boone," Black said.

* In October, Black said the village's event planner is organizing a 5k run "and I am running in it."

* In the spring, Black said there will be free monthly entertainment in Caseyville Park.

* A fireworks display will be offered for the Fourth of July.

Contact reporter Carolyn P. Smith at 618-239-2503.

Contact reporter Carolyn P. Smith at 618-239-2503.

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