Don't make the Syria mistake

September 7, 2013 

Unless Congress rules against President Obama's plan to engage in military action against Syria, which seems doubtful, we seem to be on track for another war in the Middle East. Now it could end quickly, but when we launch offensive weapons against a nation, that is war, pure and simple.

I'm not sure the president and his team have thought about the unintended consequences and whether this will really change the situation there. I am opposed to this because there is no threat against our nation, we have no compelling interest in Syria and we don't seem have a rational strategy at this point.

As Colin Powell stated years ago, "Once we break the china, we own the china." So I wonder if our liberal writers Michael Dillier, Kevin Gagen, Jim Walters, Gene Robke and Joseph Reichert will agree with me? Or will they go lockstep with the president? Even disagrees with this decision as do some liberals.

Iraq was a mistake and this is a mistake. Let's not go to war just to make Obama look tough or divert attention from other issues.

Phil Henning


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