Steer clear of the insanity

September 7, 2013 

It is my wish that the politicians who represent the people of Illinois won't get caught up in the insanity and vote for action against Syria. Who are we backing? I don't think anyone really knows. Did we not support the rebels in Afghanistan against the Russians in the 1980s only to fight them years later ?

Where is Hillary Clinton, we haven't heard from her lately. She knows this situation is due to her failure and that of the Obama administration. She is keeping her distance. We should take her lead and do the same thing.

Just because Obama opened his mouth ad stuck his foot in it, we should not risk harming any one of our brave men and women in the service of our country. Here is a thought: Our representatives can go and join the rebels to fight in Syria. They should take John McCain, John Kerry and Obama with them as well as the speaker of the House.

William H. Bremen Sr.


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