Obama's good at shifting blame

September 7, 2013 

I see that President Obama is on course to finagling his way out of responsibility for any attack (or non-attack) on Syria. His plan: Blame Congress whichever way it votes. He has already started looking to blame someone/anyone else with his denial of the line in the sand statement.

Of course the Syria to-do has taken all of his other faux pas off not only the front page, but off newspapers and television entirely. No illegal guns to Mexico, no Benghazi, no IRS scandal, no NSA spying on everyone, no mention of doing his best to kill the oil pipeline from Canada to Texas or his pushing "green energy" projects even if they are losers. Even Obamacare has lost its glow.

He still has a little more than three years to declare (by executive order) the U.S. Constitution null and void and become president for life.

Bob Walter

Glen Carbon

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