No upside to Syria strike

September 7, 2013 

What to do about Syria? It's the question on many Americans' minds now that President Obama wants to retaliate for Syria's use of chemical weapons on its own people. Congress is expected to vote in the coming days over whether to authorize a military strike.

Our opinion: Don't do it.

Syria's use of saran gas is deplorable, and maybe somebody ought to retaliate. But the United States shouldn't always have to be that someone.

Sen. Dick Durbin said that if we don't lead, he doesn't know who would. But has he noticed that no one is following us? If Syria crossed a "red line," as Obama put it, why aren't Great Britain and other countries also outraged and signing on for military action?

Americans are war weary, and they are tired of the role of policeman for the world. Rep. John Shimkus said calls to his office have been running 100 to 1 against military action.

We've spent billions of dollars and thousands of lives fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with few lasting improvements to show for it. People don't have the stomach, and our nation doesn't have the resources, to now get sucked into Syria's civil war. They want their tax dollars used to address the problems here at home.

Obama says this would be a limited strike, but he can't guarantee that. If we fire off missiles, what happens next would be out of our control.

Contact your congressman and senators and let them know what you think.

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