Belleville's still going downhill

September 7, 2013 

I live on East Belle Street between Illinois 161 and West Boulevard. The third house from Illinois 161 has been burned out for two or three years and no one has done anything about it except board it up. The house next to it had a major drug raid some time ago. I don't know what the story is on it.

Further down the street we have many Section 8 apartments, which means high traffic plus numerous trash trucks picking up Dumpsters several times a week. In addition, we have several school buses plus Ameren power trucks using this street as a shortcut to Illinois 161.

Earlier Belleville decided to resurface Muren Boulevard. What a waste of time and money when East Belle Street needs to be resurfaced much more.

When are our great city leaders and aldermen going to wise up and start thinking about the needs of this city and forget about trying to impress people for votes at election time? If these people want my vote, they need to get off their duffs and do something.

We recently received a flier from Alderman Ken Kinsella that stated he was responsible for improvements to Belle Street. Too bad those so-called improvements were west of Illinois 161. Now how about doing something east of Illinois 161 also, Mr. Kinsella?

Our fearless leaders are letting this city go to the dogs and frankly I'm tired of it. We need new leaders or people who really care about their city and neighborhoods.

Allen L. Valerius


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