Real Estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

September 8, 2013 

Recent real estate transactions for St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties.



* 51 Westhaven Meadows; from Brandon Dell Aringa and Joy Dell Aringa; to Jeremy J. Dejournett; $158,000.

* 1405 Double Edge Circle; from Kenneth P. Mebruer and Mary L. Mebruer; to Lorenzo Powell and Melaniche Powell; $222,500.

* 329 S. Virginia Ave.; from Sarah Hill; to Kayla R. Hull; $96,000.

* 3328 Berwin Green Drive; from Karen I. Toney; to DAniel Thompson and Francisco Montes; $106,500.

* 2709 Pro Tour Drive; from Lutheran Senior Services; to Klye Wiliams and Richelle Williams; $249,000.

* 404 State St.; from Dennis Koch; to Jacob D. McCary; $40,000.

* 810 Autumn Glen Place; from P. Douglas Keck and Anne M. Keck; to Terry Delong; $217,000.

* 1937 Richmond Springs Lane; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Roger Gemoules; $80,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 3212 Seven Pines Drive; from Citibank; to Dat Nguyen; $72,500.

* 2309-2311 Richland Praire Blvd.; from Richland Praire Trust $1; to Steve Reeb and Beverly Reeb; $104,000.

* 3578 Sky Hawk Drive; from Larry L. Roth and Lavana Roth; to Craig Seifferth and Linda R. Seifferth; $222,000.

* 3228 Cloverridge Lane; from Matthew W. Fox and Connie M. Fox; to Maribeth Duncan; $163,000.

* 4 Signal Hill Blvd.; from Angela L. Cooper; to Melissa A. Rockwell-Hopkins; $258,000.

* 14 Berrywood Drive; from Michelle Reed and Becky Venuti; to Rachel Temple; $101,000.

* 1703 Laurette Lane; from Evelyn L. Kehder; to Daphne M. Quirin; $48,000.

* 3800 S. Park Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Thomas A. Jackson; $22,572 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 651 N. 39th St.; from Joseph M. Beliveau, Living Trust; to The Orphans Home Land Trust; $34,000.

* 109 Friendly Drive; from Janet Freed; to Jeanette Alford; $50,000.

* 300 Gettysburg Road; from Barbara J. Eaton; to Chad Pitre and Doree Pitre; $334,500.

* 16 N. 36th St.; from Herbert C. Woelfel, Joan Woelfel, Cheryl A. Brown; to Bryan Forness; $40,000.


* 107 St. Robert Drive; from Elkhorn Properties Inc.; to Robinson Realty LLC; $15,000.

* 1124 St. Boniface Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Abel Muhammad; $8,750 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 2014 Florence St.; from Metro Property Partners LLC; to KMP Enterprises LLC; $22,000.


* 5957 Piat Place; from Idellia Delk; to Steven Scott and Jestina Scott; $10,000.

* 508-510 N. 79th St.; from Parke A. Smith; to Deborah Jackson; $18,000.


* 125 Crystal Lane; from Sushill Ramrakha and Staci Ramrakha; to Scott M. Forrest and Michelle L. Forrest; $179,000.

* 113 Mark Drive; from C * J Properties of St. Clair County; to Keith Battleson and Jenna Battleson; $93,000.

* 731 Saybrook Falls Drive; from Nicholas A. McCune and Ashley E. McCune; to D & F Contracting; $175,000.

* 9000 Summit Drive; from Moody Swalley and Caroline Swalley; to Charles Swalley and Patricia Swalley; $45,000.


* 207 N. Walnut St.; from Diana Sorce; to Christopher L. Dodson; $144,000.

* 203 Silverthorne Drive; from Field Stone Land Investments LLC; to Donna J. Kolb and Holly R. Schroeder; $153,000.

* 201 E. Hill St.; from Dwayne Reaka and Nancy L. Reaka; to Aaron M. Reaka; $159,000.


* 1108 Natalyns Trace; from SMR LLC; to Jusin A. Carroll and Stefanie L. Carroll; $677,500.

* 9905 Memory Lane; from Christopher J. Rutz and Tracy L. Rutz; to Tim Veenstra and Christine Veenstra; $295,000.


* 417 E. White St.; from Carol McKenna; to Charles Raban and Sandra Raban; $60,000.


* 1021 Remington St.; from Tony W. Breeze and Michelle L. Breeze; to Chase D. Vickers and Michele D. Vickers; $252,500.


* 2266 Stemler Road; from James T. Beasley and F. Diana Beasley; to William R. Stumpf and Shannon Stumpf; $210,000.

* 513 W. Elm St.; from Daniel W. Kieser and Mellany L. Kieser; to Michael J. Weldele and Sheri L. Weldele; $155,000.

* 4649 Douglas Road; from Michael Mueller and Joy Mueller; to Matthew Thompson and Stephanie Thompson; $320,000.


* 1439 Old State Route 13; from Rhonda D. Thessing; to Jessie Petri and Carly Petri; $230,000.

* 810 Bertholdt St.; from Jesse J. Petri and Carly L. Petri; to Randy Douglas Frein; $100,000.


* 1216 Shadow Ridge Crossing; from James B. Thoman and Jennifer L. Thoman; to John Henry and Keri Henry; $245,000.

* 705 Thoreau Drive; from Michael R. Skorseth and Melissa R. Skorseth; to Odis Atkinson; $284,000.

* 1546 Peach Orchard Road; from Michael F. Seymour and Carol J. Seymour; to William H. Manthe Jr. and Jacqueline Manthe; $230,000.

* 104 Easton Ave.; from Karen M. Gordon; to Logan J. Brodak and Amber E. Brodak; $134,000.

* 6813 Ridge Pointe Drive; from McBride Stone Briar LLC; to Frederick G. Brown; $237,000.

* 5005 Bristol Hill Drive; from D & F Contracting Inc.; to Slaon J. Cox and Bethany S. Albecker; $237,000.

* 1445 Arley Hill Drive; from D & F Contracting Inc.; to Ashley M. McCune and nIcholas A. McCune; $252,000.

* 1109 Daylily Place; from Sooyon Aquino; to James B. Burton and Denise T. Burton; $380,000.

* 416 E. Jefferson; from Jeffery T. Larson and Kelly E. Larson; to Courtney L. Vaninger; $113,000.


* 120 Sir Lawrence Drive; from Kenneth N. Abraham and Linda M. Abraham; to Shawn Briscoe and Rebekah Briscoe; $216,000.


* 5398 Live Oak Drive; from Richard L. Tindall and Cheryl S. Tindall; to Lawrence E. Schott and Rochella Schott; $230,000.


* 1498 Renoir Ave.; from Fulford Construction Inc.; to Willie G. Love Jr.; $450,000.



* 4105 Humbert Road; from Frank C. Bemis and Donna E. Bemis; to Dr. Frank C. Bemis Associates Chiropractor; $850,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 2507 Sanford Ave.; from Joshua Palmer and Lori Palmer; to Whitney Williams; $83,000.

* 8401 Paradise Key; from Ralph G. Paslay and Marsha K. Paslay; to Robert D. Graham Jr. and Sonja K. Graham; $35,000.


* 715 N. Prairie St.; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Cody Jones; $38,500.


* 106 Wood Court; from Fannie Mae; to Sarah Weiss; $74,000.

* 106 Rainbow Drive; from Jason P. Eberhard; to sean Edwon and Carol Edson; $67,500.

* 101 Sunset Ave.; from Wells Fargo Delaware Trust Co. and Vericrest Opportunity Loan Trust; to Sarah Weiss; $52,000.

* 58 Odom Drive; from Larry B. Walker and Gloria J. Walker; to Brett J. Smith and Mary M. Smith; $137,500.

* 1112 William St.; from Latore Marchino Management LLC; to James D. Kidd; $42,000.


* 561 Nevada Ave.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Devin Reynolds; $67,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 411 Monroe St.; from Kenneth W. Bauser; to Michael Deleonypena; $68,500.


* 712 Vassar Drive; from Jayne M. Colligan and Gregory A. Colligan; to Amy Marie Hubert; $195,000.

* 604 Hill Lane; from Kristina M. Allen; to Amy M. Behle; $128,000.

* 254 Coventry Place; from Susan E. Hume; to Kerry L. Smith; $135,000.

* 104 Bluestem Court; from Robb C. Hunter and Allison A. Hunter; to Don A. Leone and Carole L. Leone; $370,000.

* 7780 W. Mick Road; from Mark C. Nischwitz and Kelly M. Nischwitz; to Lloyd R. Kesser and Carole A. Kesser; $250,000.

* 1120 Franklin Ave.; from Piedmont Development Corp.; to Mark R. Teske and Jennifer Teske; $65,000.

* 3312 Garvey Lane; from Spencer Homes LLC; to Shelly Keeven and Jay Keeven; $188,000.

* 9212 Twin Hill Lane; from Alvin A. Suess, Daniel L. Suess, Terry R. Suess, Kevin R. Suess, Marie A. Suess; to Ricky L. Cosper and Jolene D. Cosper; $168,500.

* 904 Chaderic Court; from David A. Baldwin and Andrea M. Baldwin; to Christopher Toenjes and Catherine Passanati; $254,000.


* 7 Whitechapel Court; from James E. Williams and Janet M. Williams; to Jason P. Gardner and Christine L. Gardner; $392,500.

* 2206 Bunkum Place; from Albertine M. Beard; to Dale L. Beard and Paula R. Beard; $162,000.

* 17 Charles Drive; from Mark Keller and Tiffany Keller; to Jordan Pontious and Nicole Pontious; $200,000.

* 335 Aberdeen Drive; from Karla J. Mueller Pool; to Darrin Rust and Cindy Rust; $281,500.

* 19 Rushmore Drive; from Adam Ritzel; to Kyle Starks and Ashley Starks; $204,000.


* 215 Redwood Drive; from Justin R. Heinrichs; to Thomas J. Izzo and Linnea F. Izzo; $95,000.

* 333 Neptune Lane; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Glenda Armstrong; $44,322 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 2812 Grand Ave.; from Mark Guenther and Laura Guenther; to Robert B. Wilson and Melodie F. Wilson; $141,500.

* 2401 State St.; from ARC HUD 1 LCC, ARC HUD One LLC; to All Biz Properties LLC; $37,500.

* 1729 Spring Ave.; from Glindon Mathis; to Jamie M. Vaughn; $72,000.

* 1923 Madison Ave.; from John E. Stallings and Dawn A. Stallings; to Joseph B. Jones; $80,000.


* 211 Meyer Ave.; from Dennis R. Klaustermeier and Mary L. Klaustermeier; to Marvin H. Sander and Lois M. Sander; $157,500.


* 1418 13th St.; from Susanne R. Luber and Geroge M. Luber; to Nathan S. Becker; $60,000.

* 1219 Lynn St.; from Todd R. Luitjohan and Sabrina L. Luitjohan; to Jared Bingaman and Kalena K. Bingaman; $117,500.

* 2940 Poplar St.; from Christopher S. Metcalf; to Zachary Spengler and Jenna McCrea; $104,000.

* 15 Vineyard Court; from Fannie Mae; to Scott Thole and Melissa Hooker; $189,000.

* 12 Willo Creek; from Daniel A. Zitta and Elaine V. Zitta; to Michael S. Cloin; $245,000.

* 35 Cardinal Lane; from Michael D. Anderson and Christine M. Anderson; to Brian Vosholler and Anastasia L. Frank; $103,000.

* 3417 Fairway Drive; from Frey Properties of Highland LLC; to Andrew Ammann and Teri Ammann; $75,000.


* 6813 Manchester Drive; from Andrew R. Brendel and Katherine Brendel; to Nathaniel Dewitt and Jamie Hansen; $200,000.

* 604 Andra Drive; from James R. Langley and Laura Langley; to Maureen A. Creath; $160,000.

* 7331 W. Main St.; from Helen R. Froncheck and Donald E. Froncheck; to Terry L. King; $91,000.

* 6757 Oxborough Court; from Seely Broan and Darrell Brown; to Granville M. Keys and Lisa A. Keys; $293,000.


* 4 Fields Drive; from Chad Gerber and Kelley Gerber; to Ronald May and Kelly May; $57,000.


* 4521 Hedge Road; from M5 Properties LLC, MFive Properties LLC; to Freeman Group LLC; $925,000.


* 208 Shadowbrooke; from Michael D. Wilson and Nancy A. Wilson; to Mark A. Karrick and Britani E. Karrick; $239,500.

* 515 Dogwood Drive; from Douglas C. Hodgson and Goldie L. Hodgson; to Jacob A. Jenkins and Tyra Jenkins; $123,000.

* 14 Melody Lane; from Michael Herndon and Carrie Gosnell Wilson; to John Corlew and Kimberly Corlew; $227,000.

* 705 Lancelot Lane; from Alexandra Schaefer; to Jeremy Renth and Katelyn Renth; $103,000.

* 12010 Sportsman Road; from Stephen M. Goldstein and Melany D. Goldstein; $203,500.


* 655 Maurice St.; from Dennis R. Underwood, Vanda L. Underwood, Tara L. Underwood, Tara L. Docekal, Claudius A. Docekal; to Jacob C. Riedisser; $100,000.



* 634 Dana Drive; from Ann M. Ebner, Trustee and Michael H. Ebner, Trustee; to Adam S. Brewer; $223,500.

* 1605 Timber Ridge; from Rachelle A. SEals and Thomas R. Seals; to Ann M. Ebner and Michael H. Ebner; $415,000.


* 600 S. Market St.; from Erwin W. Liefer; to Shelby's Automotive Repair; $283,500.

* 6068 Lakeside Drive; from Jonathan L. Kennedy; to Richard Griesbaum and Sandra Griesbaum; $216,500.

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