Syria isn't our business

September 9, 2013 

Those who castigate the president for not boldly attacking a sovereign country like Syria and again taking the role of world police force are tunnel-vision experts who have no idea of the negative consequences for the United States.

Iran is already a huge threat and an ally of Syria. Chemical weapons in Syria are a serious problem for the Syrians; would you like them to be a problem here in Belleville?

We have to realize we are not the world police and even the United Nations recognizes this. Russia is not behind us on this and our other allies, while outraged as we are, have not fully committed to another armed intervention by a country that has historical and current problems of its own.

Please write, call or otherwise contact both the POTUS and everyone in the Senate and House to make sure they know this country does not like this role and wants to stay out of it. The Syrian opposition started this war and it is their war, not ours.

It is not our fault or responsibility.

Joseph M. Reichert


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