Don't abandon critical thinking

September 9, 2013 

I shudder to think of the growing number of people in America who would willfully accept the false claims and contentions of others before making a conscious effort to decipher for themselves the facts and truths about what they see and hear. Propaganda abounds, oftentimes unchecked and unchallenged. It is clear that powerful people who would gain immensely from the demise of critical thinking are actively discouraging its use.

The mores of honesty, charity and benevolence, widely considered to be the most precious attributes of America's Judeo-Christian heritage, are being meticulously stripped from the hearts and minds of many who nurtured them from birth. Moreover, these people are quite often clueless, to the point of defiance, about the cancerous irregularities in their moral values.

We cannot believe in the American dream while politically supporting the architects of a widening gap in incomes, tax liabilities and wealth. We cannot acknowledge the bounties of America while denying certain citizens the wages to afford a fair share of those bounties.

We cannot proclaim sensitivity to the dignity of mankind and then label an impoverished food stamp recipient working two jobs a freeloader. We cannot defy the U.S. Constitution by secretly spying on our citizens and then branding an honest whistleblower a traitor.

We cannot trumpet support for our troops while sending them into harm's way with no clear benefit beyond our Department of Defense contractors' outrageous war profiteering. And we cannot, for any reason, prejudicially deny bonafide American citizens their constitutional rights to vote.

Richard Yesley

New Athens

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