Police: Mom uses kids in $100,000 jewelry heist in Granite City

News-DemocratSeptember 10, 2013 

An East St. Louis woman is accused of having two children to steal more than $100,000 worth of jewelry from Hurley and Company Jewelry in Granite City while she distracted store employees.

Geneshia L. Grey, 23, was charged in the Madison County Circuit Court Tuesday with contributing to the criminal delinquency of a minor and felony burglary. She is not yet in police custody.

The investigation started on the morning of Sept. 3 when a family member of Grey's handed police a plastic bag containing 69 empty jewelry boxes and told Madison County Sheriff's deputies Grey was involved in criminal activity related to the empty boxes. The relative and Grey were having a domestic dispute at their home at 3100 W. Chain of Rocks Road in Granite City when police were called and the relative handed over the bag of evidence.

Investigators started investigating the empty boxes and the claim of criminal activity and were able to link the boxes to Hurley and Company Jewelry at 3117 W. Chain of Rocks Road. Representatives from the jewelry store confirmed the contents of the boxes had been stolen sometime within the last week and they had not yet reported the theft. The theft hadn't been reported because the company was trying to determine exactly when the jewelry had been stolen before making a report, according to Madison County Sheriff's Capt. T. Mike Dixon.

Video surveillance footage determined the jewelry had been stolen on Aug. 27. Grey was seen entering the store with two children that day and while she distracted the employees on duty, the children stole merchandise from the jewelry displays. The children then put the stolen goods into Grey's purse and a second bag and walked out of the store.

The estimated retail value of the stolen jewelry is approximately $100,000.

Investigators have recovered about $10,000 worth of the stolen jewelry and continue to investigate the incident.

Grey is believed to be residing somewhere in East St. Louis. Anyone having any information pertaining to this incident and/or Grey's whereabouts is asked to contact the Madison County Sheriff's Office at the following numbers: 692-4433 (Dispatch); 692-0871 (Investigations) or 296-3000 (Anonymous Tip Line).

Grey's bail is set at $70,000.

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