Argument over can of soup leads to couple's arrest

News-DemocratSeptember 11, 2013 

A St. Clair County couple faces charges after a dispute over a can of soup.

Shellice Connors, 47, was charged with a felony count of disorderly conduct and Carlos Anthony, 47, was charged with attempted obstruction of justice, a misdemeanor, for the argument that happened Sunday.

According to St. Clair County Sheriff's Department reports, Connors called 9-1-1 to report that she was being battered by Anthony in her home in the 2700 block of West Boulevard near Belleville. The dispatcher reported he could hear a man's voice shouting in the background during the call.

Deputies could hear noises from inside the apartment but no one would come to the door. So they called Connors on her cellphone and she told them she left her residence and that she was safe at a relative's home, St. Clair County Sheriff's Department spokesman Lt. Scott Weymouth said.

Deputies, concerned for Connors' safety, entered the home and found the couple still inside, arguing over the can of soup.

Sheriff Rick Watson said deputies Justin Biggs and Eric Tracy did the right thing by entering the home because someone's life could have been in danger.

On March 26 Belleville police arrested Anthony on suspicion of domestic abuse against Connors. Allegedly on that day Anthony punched Connors in the face and drug her into a bathroom. Anthony also was convicted of domestic battery on Jan. 31.

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