Neighbors surprised to hear about bank robbery suspect's arrest

News-DemocratSeptember 12, 2013 

Residents of a quiet O'Fallon neighborhood said Thursday they were shocked to discover that a seemingly average kid who liked to hang out with his buddies and tinker around with cars at his home on Peach Orchard Lane is accused of a multi-state crime spree.

Andrew C. Maberry, 19, was charged Wednesday in connection with the so-called "I-55 Bandit" robberies or attempted robberies of 12 banks in five states: Illinois, Missouri, Maryland, West Virginia and Tennessee. He lived on Peach Orchard Lane with his father until about two months ago when they moved, according to neighbors.

Carl Chalmers is a former O'Fallon resident who comes to visit his daughter who lives a few doors down from the former Maberry home on a monthly basis.

"I come here quite often," Chalmers said. "I usually would see kids hanging out in front of that house. They seem like nice kids. They wave at me as I drive by."

When asked if he knew that Maberry was a suspect in a string of interstate bank robberies, his jaw fell open, and he said, "You're kidding me."

At another neighbor's house, a woman who identified herself as a baby-sitter said that she was shocked to hear the news. But she said she was suspicious that something was going on in the street because a white Ford van has been parked on the block for weeks and has never moved. At first glance, she said she thought it was a police surveillance truck.

The van was still there Thursday morning, after federal and local investigators seemingly have concluded their effort to capture the bank robber.

Another neighbor said Maberry seemed like an average kid. Neighbors could tell when his father left for the weekend because he'd have small parties. But nothing out of the ordinary for a kid that age.

According to St. Clair County Clerk's Department records, Maberry doesn't have much of a criminal past.

He had two charges filed against him in 2013, one for underage consumption of alcohol and the other for disorderly conduct. Both charges were dismissed.

O'Fallon Township High School District 203 Superintendent Darcy Benway said state privacy law prohibits her from disclosing information about students including their behavior records and grades. But she said she could confirm that Maberry was a student in the district prior to his graduation in 2012.

Maberry was charged with robbing a federally insured institution and arraigned Wednesday afternoon in the federal courthouse in St. Louis, according to Dean C. Bryant, special agent in charge of the FBI St. Louis Division.

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