Counterfeit money turns up in Millstadt

News-DemocratSeptember 13, 2013 

Police say someone has been passing counterfeit money in the metro-east.

A fake $10 bill was used to pay for items at the Casey's General Store in Millstadt on Sept. 6, village police said Friday.

Millstadt Police Department Lt. Alan Hucke said the case seems to be an isolated incident.

"It wasn't discovered to be a fake until after the customer had left the store," Hucke said. "So we don't know if it was done with intent or if the person who had it didn't even know that it was a counterfeit bill."

The manager at the Millstadt Casey's location declined to comment Friday. She said she was not authorized to discuss the situation.

Hucke said cases of people passing counterfeit bills in the area are relatively rare.

"It hasn't happened recently," Hucke said. "It does happen every so often. But it's not something that happens with any great frequency. A couple years ago we had a couple times during which counterfeit $20 bills were being passed at picnics. Some at a picnic in Millstadt and some more at a picnic in another town. That would lead you to believe that there was more of an intent to pass counterfeit money."

About the same time there were reports of phony $20 bills being circulated in Columbia. One restaurant had a notice on its door saying it had been scammed out of food for fake currency that urged people to be on the lookout for phony money.

According to the Millstadt Police Department, the case has been handed over to the U.S. Secret Service which handles investigations of counterfeit cash.

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