RNC is hurting the GOP

September 13, 2013 

This is a follow-up comment to Larry Leiper's letter, "GOP doesn't stand a chance."

The Republican National Committee decided to exclude CNN and NBC, the most watched networks, from their primary debates because the networks plan to show a Hillary Clinton documentary.

I am sure one documentary will not affect the outcome of the election, but certainly it will, if the Republican candidates lose their free national exposure.

The RNC plans to exclude mainstream press reporters and bring in some right-wing radio hosts who act like loose cannons, and I am sure, will ask the candidates to comment on stupid statements like "slut pills" and whether Detroit "went bankrupt because of black people." If the candidates are forced to respond to these types of questions, their fate will be sealed for defeat.

The Republicans should come out of their shell of right-wing ideology and address the issues affecting the nation as a whole. They should stop preaching morality to the electorate and instead address the issues confronting ordinary citizens in their day-to-day lives.

The Republican Party should not push their candidates to the extreme right, which will attract only a minority of electorate, since Republican voters and Rush Limbaugh talk radio listeners are way older and whiter than the rest of the majority in the country.

The Republican Party should pay attention to these facts, otherwise it is doomed to extinction. It is the Fascist and right-wing ideology, espoused by Hitler and Mussolini, that perished, not the liberal ideology of Anglo-Saxon Europe and even communist China.

Mike Rau


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