Keeps paws off the hot pavement

September 14, 2013 

This summer my family and I attended some of the local homecoming parades. As we watched, I mentioned to my wife that it should be against the law to allow people to walk dogs in parades. Numerous people standing around us (whom we didn't know) turned and said, "I agree."

Recently one of the hottest days on record for this time of the year, we attended the Trenton Fest Parade. The Humane Society had dogs on leashes, walking them in the parade. Those poor dogs were panting so hard. Dogs don't sweat like some animals do. I wonder how long the people walking these dogs would have lasted walking barefoot on those hot streets?

I believe if someone did this other than in a parade, he would be arrested for animal cruelty.

If people want to have their animals in a parade, they should provide a ride for them and not expect them to walk.

To those people who are walking their pets through hot summer parades and using them for advertising or other purposes: Just remember that many spectators are seeing a whole different message than what you're trying to get across to society. Those street surfaces can be 30 degrees hotter than the ambient air temperature.

John Bossler


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