Farmers don't want the trash

September 14, 2013 

This is to all the county trash dumpers. Yeah, they know who they are.

They are the people who put their sofa and trash bags in the farmer's field road so he has to clean it up. They are the ones who put their used kitty litter alongside the roadway still in plastic bags. They are the Friday night drinkers who toss their beer and whiskey bottles out the window, only to shatter, as they drive around the countryside, boozing it up.

They are too lazy to take their old metal car parts to recycling (for cash) but instead throw them into the creeks, along with their old recliner, appliances and their used tires, thinking they will be flushed away with the next heavy rain.

And how about those Christmas trees and bags of grass clippings? Nothing wrong with putting them into the drainage ditches. They're good compost for the fields, right?

Oh, and mighty hunters throw deer carcasses into the ditches, (which the coyotes will enjoy) but what about the plastic bag they had them in?

And don't get me started about women who throw grocery-size sacks of fast food trash out of their car window while talking on their cell phone.

News flash: We country folks are responsible with our trash; we dispose of it properly. What if we start bringing our junk into these people's neighborhood and dumped it onto their lawn?

Stop it. Good grief.

Roddy D. Riggs


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