REAL ESTATE: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

September 15, 2013 

Recent real estate transactions for St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties.



* 107 W. Main St.; from Egyptian Stationers Inc.; to Hartman Lane Trust; $134,500.

* 130 N. Douglas; from The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to John Robinson and Vicky Robinson; $39,500 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 407 Portland Drive; from Ann V. Rosanswank; to Laura Grant; $90,000.

* 1629 Tenth Fairway Drive; from David Reid and Kathleen Reid; to Cheryl Zanders; $375,000.

* 38 N. Pennsylvania Ave.; from Eugene R. Hausmann and Mary A. Hausmann; to John H. Holman and Alberdia Holman; $170,000.

* 8 Maple Drive; from Jessica Baker and Jeremy Baker; to Kevin Sangiolo and Gina Sangiolo; $130,000.

* 104 Todd Lane; from Jack E. Hutchinson and Alice M. Hutchinson; to Thomas VanHorn and Carol VanHorn; $112,000.

* 2433 Larchmont Drive; from Jackson H. Stallcup and Janene D. Stallcup; to Ronadl Henderson; $211,000.

* 20 Pebble Hill Drive; from Michael L. Brady and Edith A. Brady; to Brian T. Brady; $169,000.

* 14 Willshire Court; from First County Bank; to Raymond Geller; $54,000.

* 363 N. 66th St.; from Timothy K. Halloran and Kevin S. Halloran; to Jerry Tent; $55,000.


* 22 St. Lambert Drive; from Frontside Properties LLC; to Dream House Real Estate LLC; $42,500.

* 1202 Williams; from Fred R. Davis Jr. and Winnie P. Davis; to Edward Stewart; $38,000.

* 1313 St. Zita; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Main Street Real Estate Holdings LLC; $40,000.

* 302 King Court; from Betty Raines, Surviving Joint Tenant; to Metro Property Partners LLC; $15,000.

* 739 St. Martin Drive; from Frontside Properties LLC; to Horizon Trust Company; $45,000.

* 1714 Mullens Ave.; from Screaming Eagle Properties LLC; to Rooke Enterprises LLC; $41,500.


* 406 Sammy Lane; from E.J.S. Custom Homes Inc.; to James Bullock Jr.; $150,000.

* 8685 Bunkum Road; from Steven E. Simpson; to Luz A. Borrios; $20,000.


* 650 Florence; from Gary York and Sue Taggart York; to Anita M. Meatte; $92,500.

* 415 S. Main St.; from Michael A. London and Sharon B. London; to Jermaine Stanley and Jamie Stanley; $87,000.


* 115 Dogwood Lane; from Matthew Randolph and Deborah Randolph; to Melanie Olds; $120,000.

* 216 W. School St.; from Dennis L. McMurtey; to Houses LLC; $25,000.


* 216 N. St. Clair St.; from T. Bow Inc.; to Chad Ohnesorge; $123,500.


* 1208 Gulfstream Way; from New Tradition Homes LLC; to William C. Weiser and Erin E. Weiser; $173,000.

* 174 St. Christopher Court; from JLP Construction Co.; to Keith E. Lowry and Gloria J. Lowry; $164,500.

* 873 Tazanite Lane; from CNR Inc.; to James Hunter and Michelle Hunter; $247,000.

* 300 Impala Drive; from Delbert M. Forrest and Rose D. Forrest; to Michael W. Petersen; $109,000.

* 913 Indian Prairie; from Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; to Daniel L. Wilson; $252,000.


* 4222 Schwab Road; from William W. Villiger and Peggy S. Villiger; to Christopher T. Lindsey; $179,500.


* 309 N. Jackson St.; from Brian K. Smith and Stacey J. Smith; to Randall L. Jordan; $45,000.


* 1108 Naturescape Court; from Michael Moore and ATsuko Moore; to Michael Alblinger and Melissa Alblinger; $280,000.

* 311 Fairwood Hills Road; from Donald L. Clark and Judith A. Clark; to Matthew B. Gorton and Renee E. Gorton; $212,000.

* 906 Woodlake Court; from William Black and Vicki Black; to Jordan T. Colvin and Katherine S. Patton; $215,000.

* 903 Walnut; from Tom E. Demond, Sherryl S. Demond, Dick D. Cox Jr.; to Dick Dwayne Cox Sr. and Shirley M. Cox; $108,000.

* 1009 Woodleaf Drive; from Lynne M. Breeze; to James B. Bigham and Alyscia L. Bigham; $133,000.

* 305 Thorne Creek Court; from Michael J. Moschella and Nancy A. Moschella; to Dustin Thompson and Abigail Thompson; $184,000.

* 215 Whitehall Drive; from Karen A. Feary; to Stephen Gozard and Ava Maxwell; $122,000.

* 913 Holliday Drive; from Bouse Fiudo LLC; to Kyle Dickinson and Tara Toutloian; $117,000.


* 101 Montrose Court; from McBride Eagles Landing LLC; to Phillip Haase; $160,000.

* 1097 Preswyck Drive; from Brenda Mitchell, Surviving Joine Tenant; to Andrew J. Stewart and Tara L. Stewart; $260,000.

* 2712 Cheyenne Wells Drive; from Greystone Estates Phase 1B and Fulford Construction; to Jason W. Lehde; $215,500.

* 2655 Meridian Lake Drive; from Howard C. Ashby and Judy A. Ashby; to Royal M. Pinnick and Janice M. Pinnick; $185,000.

* 2243 Haverford Drive; from Timothy Derousse and Laura Derousse; to Randall Jung; $235,000.


* 500 Cortner Drive; from Jackie Antonini; to Crown Relocations; $169,000.

* 500 Cortner Drive; from Crown Relocations; to Michael J. Awalt; $169,000.


* 1102 Lincoln St.; from Angela Primm and Shawn Primm; to Kevin Bauman; $120,000.


* 212 Botanical Drive; from William Paulsell and Nancy Paulsell; to Timothy Benson and Dawn Heusohn; $145,000.

* 4 Schulte Drive; from Charles Saak and Judith Saak; to Benjamin Kondracki and Joy L. Kondracki; $112,500.

* 5 Brian Drive; from timothy E. Qualls and Heather M. Qualls; to John Hunsaker; $125,000.

* 1443 Owl Creek Lane; from William A. Ames; to Patricia D. Ouart; $110,000.

* 325 Big Bend Blvd.; from Barbara J. Crincoli and Theodore Crincoli Jr.; to Carl F. Guenther Jr.; $160,000.



* 102 Jefferson Ave.; from Walker E. Gusewelle and Elizabeth H. Gusewelle; to Kyle R. Rohnestiehl; $120,000.


* 4831 Bambi Drive; from Shannon Effinger; to Jeffrey P. Laplant and Shannon Laplant; $155,000.

* 4805 Cinderella Drive; from Christopher M. Scoggins and Amanda J. Scoggins; to Nancy J. Becoat; $125,000.

* 2323 Locust; from Joseph A. Brewer Jr., Edith S. Brewer, Gerald S. Brewer; to Marco E. Riddlespriger and Aleatha Riddlespriger; $30,000.

* 2317 Sandford Ave.; from Laura Kuchnicki; to Tamara L. Robertson; $54,000.

* 2005 Wilkening Drive; from Kevin D. Tharp and Sandra R. Tharp; to Andrew Hoth and Dori Strader; $117,500.


* 5240 State Route 140; from Robert Wolff and Donna Wolff; to Brianna K. Mick; $135,000.

* 108 Hampton St.; from Christina M. Dutton; to Craig E. Rejmenczak and Candice M. Rejmenczak; $164,000.


* 126 Roger Drive; from Peter Larsson and Virginia Larsson; to John Wood and Emily Wagner; $106,000.

* 1600 Vandalia St.; from Anthony W. Fourdyce, Diane L. Fourdyce, Diane S. Fourdyce; to Willard Payne and Debra Payne; $126,500.

* 104 Eastwood; from Byron T. Dossett; to Garry R. Riddle and Christian M. Riddle; $65,000.

* 822 Victory Drive; from DAvid W. Gansner, Richard L. Gansner, Carol S. Cope, Kay A. Bridges, Casey Eaton; to Debra L. Sanders; $86,000.


* 605 Washington Ave.; from Pauline Peters and Pauline Peters Trust; to Kathleen Henke; $45,000.

* 623 E. Airwood Drive; from Michael L. Graner and Tammy F. Graner; to Lauren K. McGovern; $99,500.


* 36 Washington Place; from Jana Hunt and Kyle Hunt; to Samantha McCullough; $127,000.

* 205 Alexander Drive; from Timothy J. Young and Tricia Young; to Fredrick W. Prueter and Megan A. Carlson; $188,000.

* 2892 Indian Meadows Lane; from Michael P. Jenkins and Lori A. Jenkins; to Joshua May and Carla May; $264,000.

* 109 Allen St.; from Paul M. Santoro and Joan M. Santoro; to Thomas R. Metzler and Nancy L. Metzler; $167,000.


* 508 Briarstone Drive; from Glen Carbon Land Development LLC; to Remington Properties LLC; $52,500.

* 11 Old Orchard Lane; from Brittany A. Delmore and Ryan Delmore; to Marvin G. Munneke; $165,000.

149 Oaklawn Drive; from Homefront Properties LLC; to Christopher Fraley and Marissa Fraley; $244,000.


* 908 Robert Drive; from Richard L. Wiedenfeld and Kathleen Wiedenfeld; to Nicole KW Healey; $138,000.

* 7224 Montclair Ave.; from Sylvia D. Killion; to Anthony ims and Amber Sims; $83,000.

* 1707 Meyer Court; from Susan M. Roberts and Susan M. Roberts Trust; to Charles J. Heitz and Maryella D. Heitz; $165,000.


* 133 Big Four Place; from Connie L. Winters; to Brandon Khammanivong; $59,000.

* 4209 Bruene Ave.; from Richard L. Brakebill; to HSBC Mortgage Services Inc.; $79,500.

* 2525 Angela Drive; from Opal R. Down, Opal M. Quillin; to Amanda M. Dunnavant; $66,000.


* 108 E. 4th St.; from Ollie F. Smith and Lonnie A. Smith; to Joshua G. Carroll; $11,500.


* 1019 Luzerne St.; from Courtney P. Gibson; to Timothy T. Brooks and Theresa Brooks; $84,000.

* 1523 Pine St.; from Shirley A. Trame and Bernard H. Trame; to Lisa M. Schwarz; $47,000.

* 3418 Fairway Drive; from Frey Properties of Highland LLC; to Matthew T. Powers and Angela E. Powers; $35,000.


* 127 Shadowbrooke; from Troy Real Estate LLC; to Michael Jenkins and Lori Jenkins; $205,000.

* 718 Cheshire Road; from Melinda M. Stein, Lisa Goodwin, Dorothy A. Goodwin; to Melinda M. Stein; $25,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 9 Hook Pond Way; from Huntington Chase Homes Corp.; to Devin P. Meier and Amanda L. Meier; $294,000.

* 801 Bauer Road; from Cathy M. Krubsack; to Charles F. Hall and Kim R. Hall; $274,000.


* 670 E. Penning Ave.; from Dan L. Dreier and Patricia K. Dreier; to Robert J. Tuttle; $72,500.

* 667 Edlawn St.; from Robert Sharp, Julie Sharp, Candice M. Rejmenczak, Craig Rejmenczak; to Joshua L. Rhyne; $92,500.



* 302-304 Ferkel; from Fannie Mae; to Jason Glaenzer and Stacey Glaenzer; $110,000.

* 1203 Franke Drive; from Monroe Homes Inc.; to Rachelle A. Seals and Thomas R. Seals; $276,000.

* 517 N. Metter Ave.; from Laura C. Hoffman and Matthew D. Hoffman; to Elizabeth Kutterer and Jose A. Sanchez; $153,000.


* 3705 Dobbin Hill Lane; from John J. Hunsaker; to Heather Qualls and Timothy Qualls; $249,000.


* 4341 J Road; from Nicole Barnes Kempfer and Chad E. Kempfer; to Christopher W. Koester and Lisa A. Koester; $112,000.


* 104 Stonehill Ridge; from Angela R. Niebruegge Revocable Trust, Angela R. Niebruegge; to JLP Construction Co.; $22,500.

* 801 KK Road; from Justin L. Chism and Lyndsay Chism; to Tiffney E. Knowlton and Trisha D. Knowlton; $165,000.


* 102 Becky Drive; from Lawrence M. Schreder and Nancy A. Schreder; to Nancy A. Durell-Koch and Michael J. Koch; $135,000.

* 1221 Sherwood Lane; from Southern Illinois Development; to CA Jones Inc.; $21,000.

* 119 E. Mill St.; from Judith A. Rau; to Angela R. Wirth and William R. Wirth; $230,000.

* 4322 Kaskaskia Road; from Fannie Mae; to Nathan F. Keller and Stephanie Keller; $175,000.

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