Q & A: What would your book be about?

September 15, 2013 

We talked to student who attend Southwestern Illinois College in Belleville.

"I'd probably write something that was fiction. I could put whatever I wanted into it. My favorite book is 'Gone With The Wind' (by Margaret Mitchell.) I liked the time era it was in, how well she described stuff."

Kristyn Johnson, 18


majoring in elementary education and working as a nanny

"Right now, I am reading one about the military, a special ops unit. That's what I would write about. I just like the missions the military goes on and the way they carry them out. It's really interesting."

Alex Toenjes, 21


majoring in nutrition and works at Auto Spa Car Wash on Lincoln Trail

"I would write about the FBI, anything in the criminal justice area. It's the career path I am trying to choose. I've been wanting to be a cop for a while now. I always wanted to help people. My favorite book is 'Robopocalypse' (by Daniel Wilson about humanity's stand against a robot uprising). I really enjoyed it."

Adam Cassulo, 18


majoring in criminal justice and works at Auto Spa Car Wash.

"I'd write a book about human rights, my opinion on it. That you should be able to choose your own life. You shouldn't be judged. If you love someone, you love them. You can't help it."

Zach Cassulo, 18


undecided about his major and works part time at Auto Spa Car Wash

"I'd write about my life. It's a story to tell from tragedy to triumph, how you can always turn a negative into a positive. Years ago, I was involved in crime. I was convicted of robbery. Since then, I have obtained my GED, and in 2003, my certificate in welding. I've held a job ever since then. I did it by getting back to my roots, involving myself in positive things, coming to school, constantly working, concentrating on my kids and family -- important things in life."

Jwauhn Askew, 35


majoring in industrial electronics and working as a welder

"If I was writing a book, it would be about my high school volleyball career. I went to Valmeyer. My senior year we went to state. We're the only team from my school that went to state. The best moment was walking into the Redbird Arena up in Bloomington. It was the best day of my life."

Brittany Killy, 18


majoring in criminal justice, working part time at Sal's Wartburg Inn and an outside hitter on the volleyball team

"Moving overseas as a military daughter. It was absolutely amazing. We lived in the Netherlands (for 1 1/2 years). I traveled to Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, England and Ireland. I liked all of them because they were so different."

Samantha Potts, 19


majoring in nursing and works part-time as a waitress at Jonny's Pizza and Pasta in Columbia

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