GOP wants a war

September 16, 2013 

Letter writer Leon Anderson has it all wrong. When President Obama said the red line would be crossed if Syrian President Assad used chemical weapons against his people, he was merely repeating the decision made by our representatives, the United Nations and other entities.

Ironically, when the president made that statement, I told my friends that the instigators of the Middle East crisis would call his bluff and use those weapons. I was right.

To ensure the involvement of the United States in the present and future Middle East crisis, my prophetic sense tells me these instigators will use these weapons again, and will spread the crisis to Lebanon, Jordan and all other Middle East countries.

So who really gassed the Syrians? Where is the proof that Assad is the culprit? Why would he go to those lengths when he was already winning the war? Early on, a new commentator said some Israelis heard Syrian commanders initiate the plan to gas the people. Is that enough proof?

Anderson should be concerned as to why his heroes, Sen.s John McCain and Lindsey Graham, want war so badly. Is it to increase the wealth of contractors and businessmen? Is to destroy the Middle Easterners' way of life? Is it to give Israel more territory to build settlements? Exactly, why would these lead obstructionists visit Egypt and Syria? Can they be absolutely certain the rebels they met with weren't affiliated with al-Qaida and Hezbollah?

People, think for yourselves. Anderson's Republicans want war at any cost.

Frankie Seaberry


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