Who's the radical Catholic?

September 17, 2013 

One of the problems -- and there are many that caused the loss of millions of Catholics from worshipping God over the last 50 years -- is the priests have morphed into masters of ceremonies, and many are far less concerned with preaching the word of Christ than they are with their popularity with the congregation.

Many have assumed the place of honor in our churches and have shuffled off to Buffalo the Tabernacle to a less conspicuous place and taken the place of honor previously reserved for Jesus Christ in our sanctuaries.

It is a sad, sad time indeed in which we find ourselves; we have reached the point with the political infighting that traditional Catholics are being demeaned and belittled and referred to as radicals by the neo-Catholics.

Good, bad or indifferent, the end result is the church lower level leaders are attempting to marginalize traditional Catholics who had total support of Pope Benedict and now Pope Francis.

Neo-Catholic leadership is deathly afraid of the traditional Catholics, and have resorted to as all liberals do, to name-calling, i.e. radical traditionalist, when in fact the neo-Catholics are the true radicals.

What is more radical, Jesus Christ being in the center of the sanctuary, or a man sitting there, a man more concerned with his popularity than preaching Jesus Christ and him crucified.

Lee Harris


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